Crowdfunding Pick of the Week: New Laptop Case is Waterproof and Crushproof

By Linzy Novotny

A new, indestructible laptop case is set to hit the market in March.

Mattia Ventura of Rome, Italy, utilized his interest in product development to create the ViVAX laptop case.

“I have created an innovative laptop case that uses revolutionary new materials to achieve a level of protection never before seen in a case this light and stylish,” Ventura said. “It’s also made 100 [percent] in Italy.”

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project ViVAX laptop case by Mattia Ventura

The ViVAX laptop case in the dark color with yellow lining.

Ventura is asking for funding through Kickstarter to fund the laptop and although funding ends on Wednesday, Feb. 13, the project has already been successfully funded. Backers have the advantage of getting the ViVAX in exclusive colors and at a discounted price by backing the Kickstarter campaign.

“The computer case is made up of two fundamental parts: a waterproof, external shell and a shockproof, techno-polymer interior,” according to Kickstarter.

Unlike traditional laptop cases that are lined with EVA foam, the ViVAX case is lined with Poron XRD, which “absorbs more than 90 percent of kinetic energy, guaranteeing the most complete protection against impact and any type of shock,” according to Kickstarter.

“The XRD protection difference is especially apparent at high speed impact,” according to Kickstarter. “The soft contouring material instantly dissipates force upon impact.”

The external shell of the laptop case is made using a plastic that is similar to the material used in crash helmets, according to Kickstarter. It is this external shell that warrants the case crushproof, waterproof, shockproof and mud-proof.

The outer shell is also “of military origin. These cases are used by armies all over the world for the transport of sensitive material and equipment in all kinds of climatic conditions,” according to Kickstarter.

The external seal is a NeoSeal rubber that is used in high-performance tires, according to the project’s Kickstarter video. “It guarantees that the case is absolutely waterproof and unsinkable.”

ViVAX is able to fit laptops between 12 and 18 inches. A Velcro-backed central strap, coupled with high-density strips of foam, hold the laptop in place. “Even the thinnest laptops will be safe inside the case,” according to Kickstarter.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project ViVAX laptop case by Mattia Ventura

The laptop case can be worn as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. “The backpack carrying system is extremely handy because it allows you to work hands-free,” according to Kickstarter. “Made from a robust tear-resistant fabric, it has two very comfortable padded shoulder straps that leave you absolute freedom to perform tasks that might otherwise have been impossible.”

Backers will receive a ViVAX case and a carrying strap when pledging $93. They have the choice of an outer shell color of safety orange or dark and a lining color of black or yellow. The laptop case will retail for $199. To receive the laptop case and carrying system, backers will need to pledge $135.

Kickstarter-exclusive ViVAX cases are available for $347, $505 and $664. These cases are hand painted or made with carbon fiber or Kevlar fiber.

The cases have an estimated delivery date of March 2013.

“The ViVAX laptop case is like the James Bond of computers case, completely indestructible,” Ventura said.

To pledge, visit the ViVAX Kickstarter page.

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