Crowdfunding Pick of the Week: Monkeying Around with Hands-Free Tablet Stand

By Linzy Novotny

In the endless vast of tablet stands, there is a new one hitting the shelves that channels the dexterity of a monkey tail.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project MonkeyTail and WhaleTail by Octa

Credit: Octa

The Monkey Kit, which includes a MonkeyTail and vacuum dock, is a hands-free tablet stand. Its creators, a group of eight artists that make up the company Octa, are seeking funding through Kickstarter to fund their first batch of the Monkey Kit.

The Monkey Kit can be used with all generations of iPad as well as with e-readers and other tablets. The vacuum-pump seal ensures the device securely adheres to the vacuum dock, so when the tail is repositioned, your device stays secure.

“Enjoy your tablet anywhere,” Octa stated on Kickstarter. “This powerful positioning system will hold your tablet, so you don’t have to. It wraps, curls, and tucks in place for comfortable browsing. Finally, hands-free.”

The Monkey Kit has several key features—flexible, sturdy, comfortable, adjustable, portable, reliable and compatible, according to Kickstarter.

“Most stands simply prop your tablet on a small ledge. For extreme use, Octa wanted to create a stand that literally affixed to your iPad,” as stated on Kickstarter. “We started studying vacuum suction handles, which is the technology construction workers use to lift heavy plate glass high into the air. Then we developed our own patent-pending twist.”

“Using innovative chambers and seals, we reduced the size of our vacuum dock to fit in your palm, while increasing the amount of air displaced by each pump of its button,” Octa continued. “We did all this work so that you could affix your vacuum dock to your tablet with five easy pumps.”

“Unlike a suction cup, the vacuum dock literally pumps the air out from between its sealing surface and your tablet, creating an incredibly strong and durable connection,” as stated on Kickstarter. In tests, the longest the suction held for was eight days, but Octa guarantees the suction will hold for at least 24 hours.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project MonkeyTail and WhaleTail by Octa

Credit: Octa

Not all tablets have been tested, but as long as the tablet, or the tablet’s case, has a smooth surface, it should have no problem adhering to the vacuum dock, as stated on Kickstarter. Of the tested tablets, the Kindle Fire HD; Toshiba Excite and Thrive; and Google Nexus 10 are not compatible.

The MonkeyTail helps tablets to be accessible in places where standard tablet stands would not be usable—at the gym while on a treadmill, in the car or while laying in bed. The MonkeyTail can also be placed on the floor or tucked under couch cushions to be used while lounging in the living room.

Backers will receive a Monkey Kit of their own when pledging $80. The unit is estimated to ship in April and will retail for $99.99.

For pledging $110, backers will receive a vacuum dock as well as a MonkeyTail and WhaleTail. The WhaleTail—which is a hands-free, tabletop tablet stand—is the first tablet stand Octa created. The Whale Kit, the WhaleTail and vacuum seal, is available on the Octa website for $49.99.

The project will be fully funded on Feb.21, when funding ends, having already received $76,000 of the $20,000 goal.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project MonkeyTail and WhaleTail by Octa

Credit: Octa

We’ve been selling [the WhaleTail] around the world to happy customers, but what makes us most joyful is finding out when we’ve improved a customer’s life,” according to Kickstarter. “Last month we had a customer email in that, because of his Parkinson’s disease, he’s never been able to hold or use a tablet until he got the Whale Kit. We hope the Monkey Kit can improve your use of technology.”

To pledge, visit the Monkey Kit Kickstarter page.

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