Want a Healthy Soda Alternative? Here’s Chill Soda

The empty calories and high carbohydrate levels of traditional sodas are linked to many health problems, unlike Chill Soda. Sugary drinks have a hand in type 2 diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and cardiovascular disease. When you drink a soda, the sugar hits your blood stream like 10 teaspoons of sugar while your liver goes into over drive with a surge of insulin.

Want a healthy soda alternative? Just Chill

In 40 minutes any caffeine is completely absorbed and your blood pressure rises. Then your liver dumps even more insulin into the blood stream in an attempt to overcome what your body is going through. After 45 minutes your body increases dopamine production which at the time makes you feel good as your pleasure center of the brain is stimulated. Even though this dopamine high feels good, it comes at a high cost. It is physiologically identical in response as a hit of heroine, and excessive, prolonged caffeine use has been shown to cause heart condition.

Chill Soda Cans

Of course, there are caffeine- and sugar-free drinks, although they often taste differently and leave that trademark peculiar aftertaste. These artificial sweeteners carry their own well-publicized risks, as well. One study showed the artificial sweetener Aspartame can trigger migraines; studies of it and other artificial sweeteners have shown connections with a bevy of health problems. You can now begin seeing the need for a healthy soda alternative like Chill Soda.

Aren’t there already healthy soda alternatives like Chill Soda?

If you think going to the health food store may be a better idea, look at the label on the organic line of carbonated drinks. A steady surge of organic sodas have maintained a presence in markets over the past ten years but even the pure cane and natural sugars used as sweeteners are still high on the glycemic index. Sugar might be natural, but that doesn’t make it good for you. This is why Chill Soda is low glycemic.

Where did Chill Soda come from?

Thankfully a healthier choice is coming on the scene. First appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank, Dan Mackey creator of his own soda, “Chill,” sweetened his drink with natural agave nectar and monk fruit. His drink doesn’t spike blood sugar levels.

Barbara Corcoran, one of the investors from Shark Tank, believed in the product and offered a hefty sum for a stake in Chill Soda. With her help, Dan Mackey is bringing the Chill Soda to market.

The finished product is organic, natch, with four flavors (cola, pomegranate, guava and lemon); with any luck Chill Soda can satisfy carbonated drink cravings without all the calories. Chill Soda will be in retail stores later this summer for between $0.99 and $1.49 per 12oz can. Visit Chill Soda’s website, www.Chillsoda.com, for more information and join the mailing list for further updates.

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