“Sui Generis” Promises a Truly Exceptional Gaming Experience

Alison K. Lanier

“Sui Generis,” a revolutionary game in production after a successful and newsworthy Kickstarter campaign, does justice to its Latin name, “of its own genius.” The gaming community is hailing this product as truly unique, an imaginative and thought-provoking first of its kind.

Nvate Sui Generis open-world video game by Bare Mettle Entertainment

This is a screenshot from “Sui Generis.” Credit: Bare Mettle Entertainment

A conceptual video game by Bare Mettle Entertainment, the small-business entity under the dominion of the game’s brain-father, Madoc Evans, “Sui Generis” melds the best of many types of RPGs and delivers something entirely new to boot—a dynamic, almost unbelievably diverse digital world based, to a ridiculously exacting degree, around the physics of light, movement, and force.

According to Forbes’ enthusiastic report, this remarkable engine and the code that powers it is all is the work of Evans, who is also the face of “Sui Generis’” Kickstarter pitch. As Evans describes in the 10 minute video, the incredible new engine aims at a nearly-unbounded experience which defies the usual, linear plot at the heart of most video games. “Sui Generis’” Kickstarter page describes that, “‘Sui Generis’ is not about running around killing hordes of enemies in order to collect experience points. It is about exploring a world and being involved in major events there.”

An “Obsessively Realistic” Brave New World

The Kickstarter video reveals the visionary quality of the game’s graphics. Light, weather, and body appearance are all intensely detailed and obsessively realistic within the world of “Sui Generis.” Characters are generated, as described in the Kickstarter video, using such intricate dynamics such as individual muscle contractions. In an insanely detailed open-world setting, everything from formation of clouds to the movement and arrangement of stars is charted to be strictly accurate. In the mind-blowing, pre-alpha demo video, the process of a thunderstorm is demonstrated with astounding detail such as the locational frequency of lightning flashes and the sound of the resulting thunder clap.

Nvate Sui Generis open-world video game by Bare Mettle Entertainment

This is a screenshot from “Sui Generis.” Credit: Bare Mettle Entertainment

When a hero strikes at an ogre, for instance, the springing mace may get snagged on the enemy. The force of the blow determines if the hero staggers, tumbles, or succeeds in delivering his blow. The actual physics of collisions dictates these interactions, Evans describes in the pitch video. The game strives to operate along accurate physical laws to a highly ambitious degree. The Kickstarter video demonstrates this, first, by tossing a few tables across a room into one another and describing the intricate physical processes simulated in that small action.

“Sui Generis” describes its PC, open-world game as a “deep customization [in] a believable world [where there is] complete freedom of choice,” according to the game’s website. “Advanced AI and a hugely interactive game world are capable of supporting almost anything you can think of.”

Nonlinear Plotline Means Player Creates the Gaming Experience

The world of “Sui Generis” is unique in another way. A dynamic and nonlinear plotline creates what the Examiner excitedly dubs a “write your own gaming experience.” The world of “Sui Generis,” unlike most mainstream RPGs, does not wait upon the player to set the plot’s events into motion. There is no casual wandering from one computer-generated character to another triggering the events of quests and missions that drive the plot forward. Instead, the world of the game functions on its own. The player has a novel choice as the game’s hero as they can choose to become involved or to simply let the major events of the world drift by them, according to Forbes’ report.

The Kickstarter describes, “What exactly you do and how you do it is entirely up to you,” according to Kickstarter. “The world is carefully designed to be believable and have a life of its own. Events will take their course and may take a turn for the worse if you don’t get involved.” Refusing to get involved in these world events, though, may lead to “disastrous consequences.”

Nvate Sui Generis open-world video game by Bare Mettle Entertainment

This is a screenshot from “Sui Generis.” Credit: Bare Mettle Entertainment

“The game will not end but the world may become a very inhospitable place,” according to Kickstarter. “Even if you try your best you may not succeed, the game does not revolve around completing tasks and progressing stages of the plot. Success [and] failure are of equal value, the aim is to have fun.”

Not only is the plot less systematic, but the skill levels amassed by characters throughout the game are less stratified as well, Forbes describes. Instead of discrete levels there is a “natural progression,” as Kickstarter calls it, where “there are no classes, but rather countless possible builds with diverse and interesting qualities.”

Moving into Development

Bare Mettle Entertainment stated on its website, which itself is undergoing a promising overhaul, that “Sui Generis” will be under development for 18 months following the game’s Kickstarter success. That places the game’s potential finalization somewhere in the realm of April or May 2014.

The game’s online presence on Twitter and Bare Mettle Entertainment’s own insider forum mean that throughout this process “Sui Generis” will be a visible object of gamers’ curiosity. The game’s website still accepts PayPal pledges and contributors are able to access the “exclusive development videos” and, in the website’s words, “some sweet rewards.”

“Sui Generis” seems to be building itself into a highly communal apparatus which gamers hope will grow into a revolutionary and exemplary new product.

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