Ozone Therapy: The Ultimate Therapy Suppressed By the FDA

Joe LaPaglia, special to Nvate

Pamela Anderson is looking healthier than ever after turning to ozone therapy to treat her hepatitis C, though she is not the only star who has turned to this alternative therapy.

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Nick Nolte has also used ozone treatment, according to Celebrity Health, and has even ordered brain scans to prove that his brain is more metabolized after receiving ozone injections. A former alcoholic, Nolte told Larry King of CNN that the treatments were an invaluable part of his healing process as well as his attempts to avoid the effects of aging.

Rumors circulating about which celebrities have tried the treatment have even spread to the royal castle. Some ozone advocates claim that Queen Elizabeth, who died at age 101 in 2002, used to get the treatment prior to her death.

Ozone therapy floods the body with O3, a highly oxygenated molecule. Once these molecules hit the bloodstream, they essentially purify the body by driving out any anaerobic impurities. These may include viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites among others.

Consumers who want the healing and energizing power of an ozone treatment can oxygenate themselves in a range of ways. Ideally, the O3 needs to bypass the lungs and enter the body through a more direct path. It can be administered through an IV, inserted into the vagina, ear, or rectum. Some companies sell water which they claim contains O3.

Homeopathic doctors and naturalists clamor about the potential of these treatments which can allegedly cure anything from AIDS to cancer, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration takes a different stance.

The FDA has been very vocal in their criticism of the therapy, and in 1993, labeled the therapy and its practitioners as frauds. However the agency is said to have countless studies and testimonials in their own files that attest to the ozone’s efficacy, according to Geoffrey Rogers, a Canadian filmmaker. Rogers has detailed the benefits of ozone therapy and its legal struggles in the investigative documentaries “Ozone and the Politics of Medicine” and its updated version “Ozone, A Medical Breakthrough?”

Europeans have been using ozone therapy for years. They use it to address medical issues as simple as eczema and ones as complicated as strokes. Despite the well-documented successes in Germany and the rest of Europe, the treatment remains illegal, or extremely difficult to access, in the United States.

Rogers’ film suggests that the underpinning of the law may be related to the pharmaceutical companies. He claims that these giants may be blocking the legalization of any practices or therapies that may weaken their stronghold on the North American medical market.

The FDA banned the treatment in the 1940s, but prior to the ban, the therapy was often used successfully in the states. Even now, many doctors and dentists use ozone therapy to prevent infections from occurring during medical procedures, but these same professionals are not allowed to treat anything with ozone.

The FDA is so eager to prevent anyone from using the therapy that it has even raided the manufacturers of ozone therapy systems in California, Natural News reported. The Federal Trade Commission has also been involved in the effort to stop the spread of ozone therapy, and has assigned penalties of $375,000 to companies who have marketed “Vitamin O” supplements, according to Science-Based Medicine. These bans have effectively spread into mainstream culture as well. Samsung phones on T-Mobile’s network have several health apps, for example, but few talk about this innovative treatment option.

The availability and legality of ozone therapy varies by state. It is certainly something to look into not only for health maintenance, but treatment of various ailments.

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