With Eyes Wide Open: A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Hunting Tools

Laura Kemmerer

Whether cracking the code of an unexplained phenomenon or delving into the mysteries offered by history, technology has opened our eyes to entire levels of reality that normally escape our five senses.

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This is paranormal investigators Steve Gonsalves and Jason Hawes of the show “Ghost Hunters.”

While a majority of the population remains in doubt about the reality of paranormal phenomenon, technology allows for investigators to capture data that can later be examined. From personal experience and watching other paranormal investigatory teams at work, the most reliable and accessible of these tools are as follows:

Digital Camera—with Video Capability or Video Camera

While there are pros and cons to every technology, especially when dealing with something as insubstantial as the paranormal, digital cameras with video capability allow for amateur ghost hunters to capture a number of events that might escape notice due to distraction and our innately limited night vision. Some ghost hunting groups do prefer to have a separate video camera entirely, as what a digital camera with video capability can capture may be somewhat limited in comparison to a more specialized unit.

Though digital cameras can take very high-quality stills, video cameras take the lead when it comes to recording actual video. According to Amazon, digital cameras with video capability can run anywhere from $80 to upward of $400, whereas a video camera can run anywhere from $50 to $300. With digital cameras and video cameras alike, it’s an age old case of “you get what you pay for.”

Digital Voice Recorder

Even though digital voice recorders run a bit more expensive than their analog counterparts, there are a few things to consider: the quality of audio gained will be much better than a tape recorder, and the frequencies the recorder will be able to pick up on can reach beyond the limits of human hearing. Paired with easy PC connectivity, digital voice recorders can deliver a more reliable end product with guaranteed ease of access. If audio editing software is readily available, capturing electronic voice phenomenon, or EVPs, and being able to hear them for the first time is right around the corner.

EMF Meter

While the concrete connection between electromagnetic fields and the presence of ghosts is still up to speculation, a number of professional ghost hunting teams such as The Atlantic Paranormal Society, as can be seen on their show “Ghost Hunters,” are known to have an electromagnetic field meter, or EMF meter, on hand. Combined with the fact that investigations primarily take place in buildings where the power has been shut off or cut off entirely, EMF meters can provide a valuable new look on unseen forces. EMF meters can run anywhere from cheap smartphone apps to $80 units.

Even though there is a whole range of tools to choose from on the first investigations, the most important one is a critical mind, an open eye and an attention to detail. As Doctor Broom said in the “Hellboy” movie, “There are things that go bump in the night, Agent Myers, and we are the ones who bump back.”

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