Motorola Plans to Assemble First US-Made Smartphone

Danielle Freeman

The Moto X is set to be the first smartphone ever created, constructed, and engineered in the United States, according to the CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside. Designed by Motorola and Google, the phone will be manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas, at the Flextronics facility, an old Nokia manufacturing plant.

Nvate Motorola X, made in USA, smartphone by Google

Although the phone will be manufactured in the United States, with 70 percent of assembly happening in the states, pieces and components for the phone will be shipped from overseas, according to Woodside. Manufacturing in the United States is cheaper because of rising labor, shipping and energy costs, in other countries. It’s amazing to know that out of over 100 million smartphones used daily by people in the United States, Moto X is the first one ever assembled there. Not only is Motorola making a comeback but so is American manufacturing. The company wants to be made into a winner.

Not only is it cheaper to make the phone in the United States, but 2,000 new jobs come along with it, according to Danielle McNally, a spokeswoman for Motorola. New employees will be hired in August for entry level and engineering positions with the company. The idea to assemble the Moto X in the United States allows Motorola to be able to respond faster to customer’s needs and product demand. The product is also able to be delivered faster. An overall better supply chain may also be created.

The smartphone’s features and specs have leaked. Moto X will be carried by multiple phone companies. Rumors state that the phone may have 720 pixel resolutions, a longer battery life, 16GB internal storage, 10MP rear camera; 2MP front camera, better durability than many of their previously released phones and several sensors built into the phone, according to EvLeaks, a mobile industry leaker.

The new Moto X has been compared to the Android, with similarities being noted. However, Motorola is owned and supported by Google, neither company has access to any Android codes, according to Woodside. He also called the new phone the “hero device.”

“We know when [the Moto X is] in your pocket, we know when it’s in your hand, it’s going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the cameras,” Woodside said at the D11 conference. “The device will know when you’re in the car and it’s moving at 60 mph and you’ll interact with it differently, more safely.”

The Moto X is described as a “flagship.” A flagship phone is said to be the greatest and most important device owned, according to Conversations by Nokia, the official Nokia blog. The price of the phone has not been revealed but it is expected to be released sometime in October. Customers around the United States are eager for the Moto X to hit the market in hopes that the new phone will shake things up a little.

Several new devices are also being released this fall. Motorola hopes that these new devices will change the world drastically and affect not only Americans but people all around the world, according to Woodside. Future products are expected to be flexible with strong, unbreakable screens but there is no word yet when these devices will be released. But one thing is clear, Motorola hopes to bring back the brilliance they once had over other phone devices.

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