A List of Gifts for Innovative Minds

Paloma Basilio

In the holiday spirit it is only appropriate to introduce some innovative products that you may want to give to your family and friends this festive season, or even keep some for yourself! Firebox hosts hundreds of products from kitchen gadgets and GPS trackers for pets to products you don’t really have any use for, but are way too cool to pass up.

I reviewed 16 of the most innovative products which would serve as great holiday gifts. Prices range from $8 to $145 including tax.

“Firebox scours the world for the very latest gifts, accessories, toys, games and other cool stuff that we think will make amazing gifts,” the company stated on their website. “The company was established in 1998 and its multi-channel offering incorporates a leading U.K. website and mail-order catalog. The business has won numerous awards including a ranking in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 as the 13th fastest-growing privately owned business in the United Kingdom.”

Charge your Phone with the Mighty Purse

Do you know a lady who is always using her phone to post Facebook statuses or to upload her latest meal onto Instagram causing her battery life to fall short? Well, worry no more with the Mighty Purse. This wallet-sized purse is perfect for on-the-go charging.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The purse has a “built-in, high capacity battery” that can be plugged into any portal. The Mighty Purse is made from real leather and comes in three stylish colors: almond brown, black shimmer, and gold shimmer. The purse is spacious enough for credit cards, keys, lip gloss, as well as for a cell phone.

The Mighty Purse will run you about $139, but is worth the investment for the avid cell phone user.

Chillsner Beer Cooler: Keeping Beer Cold without Watering it Down

Ever had a craving for an ice cold beer on a hot summer day, but then realize that the only beer you have isn’t in the fridge? Eliminate that issue from ever accruing again with the Chillsner Beer Cooler.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

This is a great gift to give to college students who need beer ice cold and fast. The Chillsner is a tube like an ice cube that fits in any standard beer bottle and won’t water down beer like ice cubes. It is designed to stay in place while enjoying a sip or a chug of beer. The Chillsner Beer Cooler must be frozen beforehand in order to be ready to give that refreshing ice cold beer effect.

The cost of the Chillsner Beer Cooler is about $41.

Rhino Shield for iPhone

The Rhino Shield for iPhone is the gift that keeps on giving, or saving rather. This is a great gift to give to that friend that always has their phone face down from the embarrassment of that fatal night when time seemed to have slowed down, but not enough to be able to save their phone from that 3-foot drop of their hand to the floor shattering the screen along with their ego.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The Rhino will not eliminate your friend’s clumsiness, but it will prevent the damage that may occur when the phone is in their hands. The Rhino Shield is made of “custom-formulated polymer,” is only “0.029cm thick” and “highly transparent.” The manufacturers of this product state on the product packaging that the Rhino Shield is “anti-fingerprint, scratch resistant, impact dispersion, impact damping, high strength, and zero-residue adhesive.”

The Rhino Shield cost is about $29, which is a small price to pay for a product that will protect the screen of a $500-plus phone.

G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker: See Your Pets’ Adventures

Are you a pet owner that wonders what adventures your pet goes off on when they step out through the doggy door? Well now you will be able to track your pet’s every step with the G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The G-Paws GPS Tracker is exactly what it says in the name, a GPS tracker for adorable pets. Unlike other tracking devices, the G-Paws is not a painfully invasive implant, which causes a pain-free experience for the pet. The device is “weatherproof” and “easily clips onto your pet’s collar.”

The GPS can be charged via a computer using a USB cord. On one charge the GPS will track a pets’ whereabouts for up to eight hours and “you can even view and share your pets’ activities using Google Maps.”

The G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker will run you about $82. This gadget will now explain why your cat brings home red tube socks.

Boon Glo Nightlight: Bring the Nightlight with You

Children and some adults alike share a fear of the dark. Not knowing what could be lurking around in the closet or in the hallway on your way to the bathroom is enough to frighten anyone into staying under the covers and not coming out until the sunlight peeks into your room through the gaps in the curtains.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

Besides looking cool, the Boon Glo Nightlight is functional for the little ones that are afraid to sleep in the dark. The three glow balls are mobile as well; simply take one with you to where it is that you need light. It will glow for 30 minutes and remain at a cool temperature as they do not have any electronics in them that would cause them to heat up. The light color can be changed to fit your mood. If planning to give this as a gift to an adult the design is cool enough to decorate a coffee table or to use as a reading lamp.

The Boon Glo Nightlight cost about $98.

Hot Boots are a Hug for your Feet

Hot Boots are perfect for the friend who is always complaining about their feet being cold especially in these chilly months. Hot Boots are stuffed with “lavender-scented wheat grains” that give off that soothing smell to make your experience more relaxing.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

To achieve the warm and soothing smell you must heat the boots up in the microwave between 90 seconds and two minutes, but no more than two minutes or else the boots can cause burns. Avoid direct skin contact as it can also lead to burns.

You can choose from three colors: cream, dark brown and light brown. These fluffy slippers are like a hug for feet. They are designed to be able to walk around in them, but wouldn’t you rather be relaxing on your favorite comfy chair with warm relaxed feet?

Hot Boots are priced at about $28.

Hold on to Your Moments with Instagram Prints

Instagramming has become a diary of our most intimate adventures. Instagram is known all around the world and is a platform to showcase where, what, when, why, and how we live our daily lives. It is only appropriate to be able to physically hold on to those moments. It is now possible to make these pictures a reality through Firebox which has created Instagram Prints.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

Firebox takes all of your favorite photos from Instagram and prints them in “retro-style Polaroids,” Firebox even offers to ship the prints before the holidays to guarantee that you can mail them off to your friends before the holidays. There are two options to choose from—12 prints cost about $16 or 24 prints for about $24.

“Each high-quality print features your Instagram username, optional; trademark white borders and space for scribbling your own label, or phone number. And speaking of notes, we’ll even throw in a free Sharpie pen to get you started,” Firebox said of the prints.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and place your orders now so you can send them off just in time for the holidays.

6-Bottle Bike Bag

Anyone who has ridden a bicycle knows that space for storage is limited if there is any at all. The bicyclist in your family will no longer have an excuse as to why they never brings drinks to gatherings with the 6-Bottle Bike Bag.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

This bag is specifically designed for bottles which leave your basket free for other things that need storage. With the 6-Bottle Bike Bag your cyclist friend will still be able to be eco-friendly while no longer having to suffer back pain from hauling around a heavy backpack.

Firebox describes the 6-Bottle Bike Bag as having “sturdy, waterproof construction, carries up to six tasty beverages, snappy color scheme, sits safely, even with your giant cyclist calves.” This gift will run you about $57.

Glow in the Dark Loo Roll: Follow the Light to the Toilet Paper

The concept behind the Glow in the Dark Loo Roll is genius. People seem to have a pretty good idea of where things in their bathroom are located when they are in the dark except for the toilet paper. Either you slam your hand against the sink or the wall trying to feel your way toward that darn roll.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The Glow in the Dark Loo Roll eliminates the physical pain of smacking your hand by guiding you with its soft glow toward the roll. It also eliminates the blinding effect from turning on the light after hours of sleeping in the dark. The Glow in the Dark Loo Roll is great for children as well as for adults.

It’s a funny present to give someone and I’m sure they will be thanking you later, but if you are too embarrassed to admit you gave this present you can always use it for Secret Santa. The Glow in the Dark Loo Roll is the most economical product on the list at about $8.

Mighty BoomBall Speaker: Like the Bouncy Ball of Our Youth

This is by far one of the coolest gadgets I have ever seen. Yes, even cooler than the Glow in the Dark Loo Roll.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The Mighty BoomBall Speaker is designed to look like the bouncy balls that are sold in toy machines. Bring the person that receives the gift back to the days in the grocery store where they would be a good little shopper for their parents, leading them to be rewarded. With the change that clicked and clacked down the change dispenser, they received a neon-colored bouncy ball.

The actual speaker is the size of a bouncy ball which makes it easy for storing in your pocket or clipping on a key chain. Simply stick the speaker on an open surface and dance your day away with massive sound projecting from a tiny speaker. “Utilizing its audio-vibration-conduction-system, the BoomBall effectively uses any empty space as an amplifier, so the larger the space, the bigger the sound,” according to Firebox.

Just like the bouncy ball of your childhood the BoomBall comes in five bright colors to choose from: black, red, green, and blue. The price of this amazing portable speaker is about $28.

Flip Alarm Clock

This lightweight alarm clock is good for friends who travel frequently for business. The Flip Alarm Clock allows your friend to always have the alarm set without going through the hassle of figuring out how to use the hotel clock or even forgetting to set the alarm. The Flip Alarm does not have the option of oversleeping because it does not have a snooze option.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

Be a responsible friend by giving this to a friend that actually wakes up at the sound of the first ring. This alarm is also perfect for the doubter who is never sure if they set the alarm so now they can sleep peacefully without the worry. The clock screen showcases the actual time along with the alarm time in a smaller font in the top corner.

The Flip Alarm clock is available in four fun colors: blue, lime, purple and red. The Flip Alarm is about $47.

Wake to Light instead of Sound with the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

“Human beings haven’t evolved to spring awake at the sound of a clattering bell or digital beep. So why not wake yourself the way nature intended with the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250,” as is asked on Firebox.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The Lumie is a digital clock that uses the power of light to wake the body up instead of using sound as most alarm clocks do. The use of light is less invasive than sound because it softly lights up at the hour it is set to wake you. The light isn’t super bright which helps the eyes better adjust to there being light.

The Lumie is great for the winter days where the sun comes out later in some parts of the country. The Lumie also has a radio function for those who need sound to help them wake up “but for those that prefer a gentler wake-up call you can also set it to a dawn chorus of birds, or a single [rooster].”

The Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 is the highest-priced product on this list at about $147.

Waka Waka Solar Powered Lamp and Charger

Besides having an uber-cool name, the Waka Waka has two useful functions. The first is a solar-powered lamp that can be used for up to 40 hours from a day’s worth of sunlight. The second is that it works as a charger for any device that has a USB portal. The Waka Waka can also be charged with the use of a computer “though this isn’t nearly as fun,” according to Firebox.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The Waka Waka is about the size of an iPod which makes it a great size for on-the-go usage. At night the Waka Waka can be used to light up the pages in a book so as not to disturb others while they sleep.

This snazzy gadget costs about $98. The Waka Waka will be greatly appreciated by the friend who enjoys camping so they will be able to stay in contact with loved ones throughout the trip instead of just going MIA after the first day and a half.

Fisheye Pro Lens: Turn Your Cell Phone Images into a Bubble

Phone cameras have come a long way from when the two separate functions merged to become one powerful device. Cameras on cellular devices are very practical, but the lens could provide a better effect, that’s where the Fisheye Pro Lens comes into the picture.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The Fisheye Pro Lens has a magnetic function to attach to almost every cellular device with a camera. “No bigger than a pencil sharpener, this handy gadget fits over the lens giving your photos a stunning fisheye effect,” according to Firebox. The fisheye effect is when the image has a rounded effect which makes the photograph look like it’s inside a bubble.

This lens is a great gift to give to the cell phone photography enthusiast to add some variety to their photo collection. The Fisheye Pro Lens costs about $54.

Portable Notebook BBQ Grill

The Portable Notebook BBQ Grill is a grill that folds flat which makes it great for transporting it in a snap. This grill can be taken on camping trips, to festivities, or to parks. The grill is designed to fold onto itself causing it to become flat and is lightweight for easy transportation.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

The grill requires charcoal as a heat source and is made out of thin steel which allows for high heat resistance. Be wary of using too much charcoal, though, as it can cause the steel to bend out of shape.

This is perfect for basic grilling without all of the extra stuff that just confuses everybody. It is also great if you have limited space in the backyard. The Portable Notebook BBQ Grill is very affordable at about $41.

Secret Santa Box: A Surprise Even for the Gift Giver

If you have grown tired from spending endless hours looking for a gift for that friend or family member who seems to have everything Firebox has taken the hassle out of finding the perfect gift by offering the Secret Santa Box. The gift even comes wrapped in a particular uncaring way with a “crapwrap” tag on it.

Nvate Firebox innovative gadgets Holiday gifts

Credit: Firebox

Firebox asks if the recipient is male or female so they can narrow down the gift options. The greatest surprise is that the giver will also be clueless as to what the present is until it is unwrapped.

The Secret Santa Box only costs about $16, and is reasonably priced for being the greatest surprise for all.

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