Secure Shell: Safely and Easily Destroy Hard-Drive Data

Paloma Basilio

Do you hoard old electronic devices out of fear that someone might be able to get their hands on your personal documents, which may lead to identity theft?

We live in a world where everything is driven by technology. This limits the amount of paper that is used, but it also means not being able to fully get rid of important documents. There are designated places where old computers can be recycled, however the hard drive could be sold and your old documents can go along with it.

A group out of Annapolis, Md., have created the Secure Shell, a way to safely destroy electronic data.

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Credit: Secure Data

Secure Data Ltd. was “founded by a retired physician/real estate entrepreneur, computer programmer and an electronics recycling expert.” They are asking for funding through Kickstarter to fund the Secure Shell.

According to Kickstarter, the Secure Shell “is a plastic shipping container and destruction service designed to provide you with the most secure, reliable, and verifiable method of destroying your sensitive electronic data available today.”

The group stated on Kickstarter that their mission “is to provide individuals and small businesses with a secure, reliable, and verifiable method of destroying their electronic data in an eco-friendly way.”

The Secure Shell itself does not destroy hard drives. However, it is a container where the hard drive of a computer, a cell phone, or any small device holding valuable information can be placed and be shipped through FedEx to the Secure Data facility. There it will be destroyed.

The Secure Shell is almost impossible to open once it has been closed. “One of the unique aspects of the Secure Shell is the design of the corner locking mechanisms that cannot be reopened without showing obvious signs of tampering,” according to Kickstarter. This gives the customer a sense of relief because it will lower the chances of their personal information being stolen.

“Every Secure Shell shipped has a unique customer identification label, or CIL, affixed to it,” as stated on Kickstarter. “Each CIL contains three unique sets of data that we use to keep track of every Secure Shell that is shipped to a customer, returned by a customer, and destroyed in our facility.”

“Before mailing us your Secure Shell, you will register it on our website using the information printed on the CIL,” the company said of the process. “Once we receive your Secure Shell, we use the CIL to relate it to your account, to tell you when your Secure Shell will be destroyed and to send you a video clip of your Secure Shell’s destruction. You will also receive a certificate of destruction for your Secure Shell.”

Secure Data’s goal is to raise $30,000 by Feb. 15, 2014. According to Kickstarter, “The founders designed the Secure Shell and wrote supporting software without reimbursement. Our injection molder is building the molds to manufacture the parts in the United States.” Donations will help cover the cost of product fulfillment as they are required by the manufacturing company to “order a minimum of 2,000 units.”

Backers can pledge $1 to $1,000. If backer’s pledge $30 or more, “[they] will receive a Secure Shell and a pack of stickers. [They] will also receive our endless thanks and recognition on our website,” according to Kickstarter. They also noted that they cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Visit the Secure Shell Kickstarter page to pledge.

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