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Car thieves become more creative every year causing car theft to be a fairly big problem, not only in the United States, but around the world. Car alarms work when someone is around to hear them, but don’t successfully scare away potential car thieves. There has to be a way to make it harder for thieves to drive off in the cars.

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The Goodlock Invisible Anti-Theft Security System was created based on the need for a car security system that allows a car to start only when a set of actions is performed by the car’s driver. The creators are asking for funding through Kickstarter to fund research and development, manufacturing and the delivery process.

“The United States alone accounts for 733,548 cars stolen a year,” according to one of the system’s creators Alejandro Mackay Juhl. “The European Union accounts for over 1.2 million cars stolen each year. Latin America adds 1 million more to that number.”

The Goodlock was developed after Juhl dealt with one of his family members losing their car to theft. Juhl said this left the family “feeling unsafe, victimized, powerless and every other feeling that may come across your mind when something like this happens.”

The Installation Process

The security system is first installed underneath the steering column by a mechanic or by the car owner. Once it is installed and programmed by the car owner, the Goodlock works by using a “mechanism which blocks the car’s starter motor whenever someone tries to move the car without using the activation code,” according to Kickstarter.

After the Goodlock is installed the car owner selects the secret code they would like. The secret code is made up of three actions before turning on the engine.

According to Kickstarter, “there are more than 13,000 possible combinations” the car owner can create to ensure it is unique. So how is the code created if the keyboard is invisible? Well, the first thing to do when getting inside the car is to put the key into the ignition followed by “the code” which consists of three actions the driver does before driving off. For example, let’s say the code chosen is first turning on the radio, next turning on the air conditioner, and lastly opening the driver’s window. This code in this particular order allows for the car’s ignition to become unlocked.

The Goodlock team assures that not even the mechanic who installs the security system will know the code. There is a step-by-step video online for those that are car savvy and would like to install the system themselves. The process takes between two to three hours depending on the vehicle and the person doing the installation.

Some people may think the installation is too time consuming, but if it takes that long to install it also takes that long to uninstall. In turn, no car thief will spend that much time trying to steal a car. Goodlock is compatible with all vehicle types, but requires the vehicle be designed to 12 volts.

The keypad is invisible and uses the electronics already inside the vehicle. The thief can steal the car’s key and still not be able to drive off. According to Kickstarter, “It does not dis-configure. While the car is not in use, Goodlock does not consume energy. Our system has the capacity to interrupt up to four critical parts of the electric circuit. This prevents the engine from starting. Three of them are based on small slave devices connected to the principal system.

The system includes a hidden switch which allows the driver to inhabilitate the system in order to let a third party use the vehicle without the obligatory code,” according to Kickstarter.

Backer Rewards

The Goodlock team is asking for $40,000 by March 16. Backers will receive a Goodlock for pledging about $71, with an estimated delivery of October 2014, according to Kickstarter.

The Goodlock was created in Santiago, Chile, but migrated to Canada where one of the business partners is from. The Goodlock team hope to eventually sell this product all over the world.

Goodlock team members, Juhl and Pablo Contreras Meriño, leave us with this phrase, “Remember with Goodlock you are the code.”

To pledge, visit the Goodlock Kickstarter page.

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