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With all the latest technology it amazes me that it took so long for an invention like this to be created. The iKeyFinder is a key finder which looks like a USB. It is attached to a keychain and can be hooked onto car keys.

Nvate crowdfunding Kickstarter iKeyFinder by Jarod Cooper

Jarod Cooper is the soul creator of the iKeyFinder and he is seeking help in raising money to manufacture a model for the iPhone. He spent the last two years developing the cellular application and creating the model of the iKeyFinder keychain. He has successfully developed the iKeyFinder for the Android, but wants to create a model for the iPhone. Cooper needs your help in raising $15,000 by March 22, 2014.

Why the iKeyFinder

Some people try to avoid last minute situations that will cause them to be late. Then there are those who leave everything for the last minute. These are the ones who always run into problems like forgetting where they placed their car keys. For the latter group the iKeyFinder will hopefully make their mornings run smoother.

Usually when we lose our keys we still have our cell phones within a 6-foot radius. There is no valid explanation as to why our keys are not attached to our hip just as our cell phones are. The combination of a cell phone being used as a tool to find our keys makes logical sense.

How iKeyFinder Functions

The iKeyFinder is made up of two components. The first is the iKeyFinder application and the second is the iKeyFinder retrieval device which is attached to the key by use of a keychain. The iKeyFinder application is free to install and works on any Android device.

Cooper describes the iKeyFinder as being, “an innovative new keychain that produces a loud beeping sound when alerted from your mobile device. With the simple push of a button, your keychain will produce a loud beeping sound allowing you to easily locate it from approximately 50-yards away.”

“The iKeyFinder comes equipped with a built-in USB charger. The USB charger slides out and can easily plug into powered USB outlets for quick charging,” according to Kickstarter. It takes about 20 minutes to charge and has a “battery life of up to 30 days,” Cooper said.

The iKeyFinder lets you know when it is fully charged by “flashing a blue light and when the battery is running low it will flash a red light.” Another thing to point out is that the “iKeyFinder only connects to your phone when you need it.” Therefore, it will not drain out more battery power than needed.

Should you lose your keys and a stranger finds them there is a note on the iKeyFinder stating, “Found lost keys? Call 855-453-9346.”

“If someone else finds your keys and calls the number on the back, we will actually send a pre-paid envelope to pick up the keys so that we can return them to the owner,” Cooper stated on Kickstarter.

Android owners who pledge $15 will receive an iKeyFinder by the end of March, according to Kickstarter. Apple-device owners who pledge $35 will receive an iKeyFinder by September.

Cooper needs funding to help manufacture an iPhone version of the iKeyFinder, to hire an iOS developer for the iPhone/iPad application, to complete an e-commerce-based website, and to shoot a promotional video.

To get more information on the iKeyFinder or donate please visit Kickstarter.

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