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Ever notice that after a few shopping trips your purse or wallet starts to resemble that of a school child’s binder full of unorganized papers? There isn’t a neat way to organize receipts as they come in different sizes depending on how many items were purchased.

Then, there is the factor that we never know where the best place to store them is, so some are stored in a drawer with all the other random junk we want to hide from public view, others are stashed in a shoe box, and the other half is shoved into wallets and purses. How can we not lose track of those darn receipts? Honestly, most of us just keep the receipts to know the date we can return an item.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Easy Return Tracker by Srihari Padmanabhan

Credit: Kickstarter

Here’s the solution. Srihari Padmanabhan is the creator of the Easy Returns Tracker which is a mobile app that allows you to keep track of your receipts without the need of taking up much-needed space in your wallet or purse. He is asking for $250 by Feb. 24, 2014 via Kickstarter.

How to Store Receipts

Padmanabhan has made the Easy Returns Tracker fairly easy to use with three simple steps to de-clutter your purse or wallet. Once the application is downloaded add the receipt and set up the return date, save the receipt to your personalized receipt folder, and receive alerts through email when the return date is near. Some of the features on the application are preloaded return policies to all major stores. In case there is worry about losing your phone with all the receipts you’ve accumulated in the Easy Returns Tracker you need not to worry because all receipts are stored in the Cloud.

Backer Reward

Padmanabhan needs your help to create his latest application which will be available for Android. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will go toward paying for the development of the application. On the Kickstarter website, Padmanabhan gives the specific breakdown: “backend web server, graphic design, android developer program subscription, launch web page.”

There is a bonus. Exceed funds that are raised will go toward creating “a web app that complements the mobile phone app,” according to Kickstarter. “You would then, be able to view your receipts on a PC or Mac.”

Backers who pledge $1 will get the Easy Returns Tracker when it launches in Google Play. It is set to be released before the end of April 2014, according to Kickstarter. The app is already available for iOS devices for 99 cents. Visit the iTunes store to download.

We all know what a hassle it is to rummage through a pile of overly folded receipts trying to find the return date which is in tiny print all the way at the bottom of this long piece of paper. With the Easy Returns Tracker your wallet or purse will feel lighter and your mind will be free from worrying about an overdue return.

To pledge, visit the Easy Returns Tracker Kickstarter page.

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