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Paloma Basilio

Reynaldo Mendoza and Ella Anguiano are studying engineering at the University of Arizona. As the president and secretary of the Biosystems Engineering Club at their university, Mendoza and Anguiano decided to reach out to a local elementary school to help transform the school into an eco-friendly building while teaching the students about creating a sustainable future.

Roskruge Elementary School is located in Tucson, Ariz., where it is filled with hot days and not enough rain. Mendoza and Anguiano created a plan that will help the school collect more rainwater from the roof to be used for harvesting the plants around the school and their neighborhood.

Roskruge already has one tank that collects rainwater, but Mendoza and Anguiano want to add another tank to increase the amount of water that can be collected. The school also has light-wells that collect rainwater, but they are directed to go straight into the sewer system. Mendoza and Anguiano want to redirect the water to instead go into one of the collecting tanks to increase the water collected by twofold.

Nvate Roskruge Elementary School Rainwater collection Crowdfunding Kickstarter

Adding a second water collection tank will increase the number of rainwater harvested. Redirecting the light-wells from the sewer to the collection tanks will harvest more water as well.
Credit: Kickstarter

Mendoza and Anguiano are hoping that with the help of Kickstarter they will raise $11,464 by March 31. The money will go toward adding a second tank to collect rainwater and to change the light-wells so that instead of the water going into the sewer they drain into the collecting tanks.

The primary reason Mendoza and Anguiano want to make this change is because, according to Kickstarter, “the system takes less than half the water that is harvestable from the roof. The school has a potential to save around $5,000 a year from the entire area of the school based on water usage, but with the present draining and available water storage unit, the school has only been gathering water from 15,000 square feet.”

“The reason the current system is only at half capacity is because the roof of the school is interrupted by light-wells that drain to the sewer rather than the cisterns,” the duo stated on Kickstarter. “The project for us would be to design a system that harvests water from the light-wells and the other half of the school.”

The fact that this is being done in an elementary school is very important because the children attending the school are the ones who will greatly benefit from a sustainable future. They will be the generation that is affected the most by global warming, so the students need to start learning how to better protect their environment for the future.

Arizona already suffers from not getting enough rainwater throughout the year and with the presence of global warming it is only going to worsen. With an increase in the amount of water harvested, the students would learn how to collect and recycle rainwater for watering plants around their school and neighboring schools.

If backers donate $30 or more, “the students of Roskruge will be creating a mural on the cistern. The students will design and paint a part of the mural specifically for that donor.” So not only will donations help Roskruge Elementary School, they will forever become a part of it by being expressed through the mural.

Visit the project’s Kickstarter page to pledge.

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