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Paloma Basilio

Our pets are some of the most loyal friends we have so why not provide them with the best? With the popularity of pet accessories there are many dog collars to choose from, but some are not made of the best quality.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter PetAura LED dog collar

Credit: Kickstarter

PetAura, of Berkeley, Calif., designed a pet collar that does more than just identify man’s best friend, it’s also reflective. They are asking for $10,000 through Kickstarter by April 5. Funding will go toward keeping manufacturing in the United States and ensuring that the quality of materials and product are held to the highest standards.

The collars have integrated-LED technology making them a perfect night walking collar. The collars have three different modes that the LED lights can flash: wink, strobe, or constant on. Other features on the PetAura collar are near-field communication, or NFC, tags and LED light fibers. The light is rechargeable and has an average of 80 operation hours, according to Kickstarter.

The PetAura creators wanted to make sure the best materials were used and approached the design using “six important methods of selection.” In order to ensure the highest quality of fabric they “selected the highest light reflective thread for stitching. It’s made from polyester staple fibers, and of course adheres to our non-toxic selective process, but if you shine a light at it, it will shine back, and brightly,” according to Kickstarter. “Also, it’s durably sewn with double stitching; don’t expect it to tear with wear.”

This is similar to the reflective gear runners use during their evening and early morning jogs to alert drivers that they are near. Dogs need the same alert gear especially when they are not on a leash.

Collars are offered in six vibrant colors with cool names such as “laser lemon” and “hunter orange.” This collar is not one size fits all either with sizes ranging from small at 12.9 inches to 16.9 inches up to extra large at 20.4 inches to 24 inches. The collars are lightweight and offer the most comfort possible, “We decided that if we’re required to use collars, then we’re going to make sure it doesn’t feel like a collar,” the PetAura creators said on Kickstarter.

Depending on the color of the collar, that is the color the LED light will flash. The collars are also waterproof and washable in case your friend happens to wander into some mud. The fabric needed to be treated in order to make it water resistant, so the creators used an “antistatic coating on the entire collar with a water resistant finish,” according to Kickstarter. The collar can be washed, but the LED pack and NFC tag must be removed first.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter PetAura LED dog collar

Credit: Kickstarter

The cleverest feature on the PetAura collar is the NFC tag. The technology in the tag allows pet owners to store information that is accessed using a smartphone or another NFC-capable device. Information that can be stored in the NFC tags includes—but is not limited to—contact information, medical data, SmartHome automation systems, data storage/retrieval, and bitcoins/Google wallets, according to Kickstarter.

Backers who pledge $25 or more will receive a PetAura collar. Pledging $50 or more is great for those who have a couple of man’s best friend. Backers will receive two PetAura collars. This is a great gift for the pet that has shown you nothing but loyalty, love, and wet kisses. Cat lovers do not worry, the creators of PetAura are working on a collar for cats.

“If we can all succeed in raising the funding, that will put us on the market and help us make various collections, including law enforcement versions, back country avalanche versions—with Recco-Reflector-type tags—and more particular collars with a fashionable touch and patterns,” PetAura creators said. “It will let us know that there are indeed people who actually care about their pets who don’t overlook the smaller details.”

If you would like to learn more about this product please visit the PetAura Kickstarter page.

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