Can Travel Pillows be Comfortable, Easy to Pack and Weatherproof?

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Getting a good night’s rest is important, but even more important is having a comfortable rest. This can be a challenging task when faced with unknown weather conditions out in the middle of the woods for a camping trip. Portable pillows seem to be popping up everywhere, but the problem with those pillows is that they do not offer more than one function. By this I mean, either a pillow is weather proof, but it lacks in comfort. Or it can be portable, but not weather proof. While on a camping trip where comfort is already limited it would be great to at least be comfortable while getting some shut eye.

Scott Rochlin created the Adventure Pillow, a portable, lightweight and weather-proof pillow that unfolds into a regular-sized pillow. After many camping trips with his kids, Rochlin realized he and his children shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort just because they were far from home.

Nvate Kickstarter Crowdfunding Adventure Pillow Alpine Pillow Weatherproof Travel Pillow by Soctt Rochlin

Credit: Kickstarter

Rochlin is seeking to raise $12,000 by May 10 on Kickstarter in order to fulfill production requirements. The money will go toward the production of 200 pillows. Rochlin has broken down the $12,000 into 10 separate expenses which include labor and material as well as Kickstarter and Amazon fees.

The reason Rochlin settled on $12,000 is because, “200 pillows will allow me to purchase the minimum fabric and materials I need to make production at a reasonable cost for resale,” he said. “This amount will also help prove the product’s viability and will act as a proof of concept for my goal of retail stores. This is the perfect product for our company to revel around and produce competitively.”

The Adventure Pillow is great for camping because of its unique design. Unlike standard-sized pillows, this pillow is portable and weather proof. Also, unlike other camping pillows it has a larger surface area to rest your head and offers the comfort of an at-home pillow. Avid campers know the difficulty of finding a pillow that will last, especially when faced with tough weather conditions.

“Mold and mildew will form easily in your camping gear if not cleaned and dried and put away properly,” Rochlin said. The Adventure Pillow is not restricted in its use; it can fit into any standard-sized pillow case for at-home use.

The Adventure Pillow comes in a waterproof case, which the pillow slides out of and unrolls to its full size. The pillow is made up of different layers in order to assure it will receive a thorough wash in the washing machine. The exterior surface of the pillow is made of “smooth compression foam.”

“The core is filled with flexible and washable compression foam. [The foam is diced into small rectangles to] allow maximum airflow, water penetration, compression reflection and sustained non-defragmenting from washing,” according to Kickstarter.

The size of the Adventure Pillow is 23 inches by 17.5 inches, but the creators also developed the Alpine Pillow which is made up of the same elements as the Adventure Pillow, but weighs less and is a bit smaller in size at 17 inches by 13 inches. Both pillows are made entirely in the United States. The Adventure Pillow is available in three colors: ocean blue, army green and white cotton blend.

Pledge $39 to receive the Alpine pillow and $59 for the full-size Adventure Pillow. The smaller pillow packs to the size of a grapefruit, according to Kickstarter.

Visit the project’s Kickstarter page to learn more and pledge.

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