The Imbue: One tool to Replace them All

Paloma Basilio

In middle and high school I recall having to buy five different types of rulers for math class. One was for measuring while another was for making circular shapes. The rest were also special. It was a pain having to gather all the oddly shaped rulers in a pencil pouch. They never fit in a normal-sized pencil pouch so a bigger one had to be purchased. Secondly, if you bought the type with mesh fabric the sharp rulers would get caught in it causing it to tear. Good times!

Nvate Crowdfunding Imbue Kickstarter Imbue creative tool by Igor Zemskov and Stephen Hughett

Credit: Kickstarter

Never did I think that all those rulers could be made into one tool; that is until the Imbue. Created by Igor Zemskov and Stephen Hughett, the Imbue replaces six rulers and has an endless number of functions. The duo is asking for $8,500 on Kickstarter by May 14. Funding will go toward manufacturing the product.

Zemskov and Hughett graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design. “[We created the Imbue] to make a creative tool that was simple, elegant, functional, and easy to use. We wanted a tool that was attached to us without even knowing it was there until we needed to use it,” the duo said of their creation. “It needs to be compact and compatible with one of the most important creative tools next to your writing utensil, your sketchbook.”

The design is pretty basic, but the very unique details are what make it multifunctional. According to Kickstarter, “From far away Imbue looks like a simple ruler that can make the straightest lines, but once you get closer you can see the specifically placed markings and all the details that make this the perfect tool for anything creative.”

The size is compact so it can fit into most sketch books and notebooks with bookmark strings that come already attached. The Imbue has two holes at one end where the bookmark string can be inserted so you never forget it. The Imbue is 6.75 inches by 1 inch by 0.035 inches. It has lines to create 45 degree, 90 degree, 30 degree, and 60 degree triangles. Other functions of the Imbue are straight lines like a ruler, concentric circles, 3/8 inch corners on ends, perpendicular lines, and 0.25 inch measurements.

Nvate Crowdfunding Imbue Kickstarter Imbue creative tool by Igor Zemskov and Stephen Hughett

Credit: Kickstarter

Zemskov and Hughett were meticulous about making sure everything was made locally in Ohio. “[We] found local machine shops and metal anodizing shops that can deliver the quality that we are proud of,” the duo said.

The Imbue is sure to help anyone in a creative field. It will also help students in math classes all over the nation.

Backers who pledge $25 will receive an Imbue in anodized black, clear, teal, or in stainless steel. Pledges of $55 or more will receive a set of three Imbues. One is stainless steel and the other two come in the backer’s choice of color. The product is due to ship in December.

Visit the product’s Kickstarter page to pledge and to watch tutorial videos

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