Don’t Stress, Hide your Mess with the Bunkalow

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College is where young adults go off to become “modeled citizens,” or at least according to their parents. Really, most of us go to college to find ourselves, but most importantly to live away from home. Some are lucky enough to find decent apartments to live in, but others must cram into tiny dorm rooms. The average dorm room hosts three students, which means space is very limited and sacred. As tidy as you may be, you can never be tidy enough in a small room where three people plus their life valuables will live for the next quarter or semester.

Nvate Kickstarter crowdfunding Bunkalow dorm rooms bunk bed loft bed

Credit: Kickstarter

Scott Gosselin and Mary Kate Hamilton are the co-creators of the Bunkalow, a solution to concealing things stored underneath lofted beds. The idea came to them when they realized, “Students living in college dorms store most of their stuff in their closets, which often don’t have doors, and under their lofted beds, which are up to 36 inches high off the ground,” as stated on Kickstarter.

One day Hamilton was in Gosselin’s room and noticed that there was a ton of noticeable clutter underneath the bed, but his closet had a curtain hanging over it hiding his stuff. This realization brought them to create the Bunkalow. Curtains can be purchased to conceal messy closets, but the storage space underneath the bed did not have a solution until now.

“The large space underneath lofted beds is a very valuable storage space in college dorm rooms, and students often place suitcases, cases of water, clothes, food, shoes—almost anything you could imagine—under their beds,” the creators said on Kickstarter. “With all of that stuff, the space ends up looking cluttered, no matter how much students try to organize it.”

The duo are asking for $3,000 on Kickstarter by June 29 to fund manufacturing costs. Currently, Bunkalow is created by hand which means cost is higher and orders are not being fulfilled in a timely manner. They are also lacking in funds to buy material in bulk. Their goal is to raise funds in order to be able to work with a manufacturer in producing large quantities of Bunkalow, which will lower the cost for the creators as well as the customers.

Nvate Kickstarter crowdfunding Bunkalow dorm rooms bunk bed loft bed

Credit: Kickstarter

By using the Bunkalow students will now be able to discretely hide their personal belongs from the sight of their roommates as well as their guests. The creators of Bunkalow offer the curtain-like cover to be customized to fit anyone’s tastes by using different colored fabrics, monograms and designs. Bunkalows are not only useful for dormitories, but also for apartments with inadequate space, or for anyone who owns a bunk bed with a vacant bottom bunk. The Bunkalow comes in two lengths, one for loft beds and the other for bunk beds.

Bunkalow has many great features, such as Velcro straps for a secure attachment and easy removal. It has pockets substituting a night stand for storing books or anything you may need at a hand’s reach. The Bunkalow is equipped with a weighted rod to keep the Bunkalow from flapping around causing it to wrinkle. The rod also allows for the Bunkalow to easily roll up when trying to access things covered up. Bunkalow is made in the United States by college students who know the struggle of living in tight spaces while trying to maintain its appeal.

Backers who pledge $29 will receive a Bunkalow in their choice of color and design. Pledges made of $50 will receive a Bunkalow in their choice of flag or monogram. Flags to choose from include California, Colorado, Canada, or the United States, but they may be able to create a different flag. Delivery is set for August.

“We knew that there was a better way that college dorms shouldn’t have to feel so cluttered, since mess does cause stress,” the duo said on Kickstarter.

Visit the product’s Kickstarter page to pledge.

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