Stroller Insert Helps Baby Stay Cooler on those Hot Summer Days

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Summer is in full swing, which means severe heat waves, especially in cities like New York, Los Angeles and Houston. Adults can deal with extreme highs better than children, even more so if those children are in strollers. Most stroller seats are made of plastic, which has no ventilation, causing children to become sweaty and uncomfortable.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Geleeo stroller cooling pad

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Helene Xu, from New York City, is the parent of a young daughter. Xu realized that stroller seats can become uncomfortable on those hot summer days. Xu explained that she tried every available option on the market.

“‘Breathable fabrics’ don’t work much at all, and ice packs are freezing to the touch, uncomfortable to sit on, melt in an hour, and need you to plan ahead and freeze it for hours before going out,” Xu said on Kickstarter. “I was very disappointed and became obsessed by the thought of finding a good solution.”

After extensive research, trails and errors, she created Geleeo, a gel seating pad which stays cool even when faced with scorching hot temperatures. According to Kickstarter, “Geleeo is a high-tech cooling gel pad that’s safe, easy to use, stylish, and convenient. It does not require refrigeration: just keep it at home, put it on a stroller before heading out and your kid will enjoy a cool ride. It fits virtually all brands and models of strollers, and is easy to clean and maintain.”

Xu is asked for $10,000 on Kickstarter by May 2 to fulfill production orders of the Geleeo. Funding was successful with $10.496 pledged.

It works kind of like a gel pack for body aches which stays cool even after it defrosts and also stays soft. “Geleeo as using an advanced water-based gel that enables it to stay a few degrees cooler than the temperature of the environment,” Xu said describing her product. “This gel has an amazing capacity to dissipate body heat, which you immediately feel just by placing your hand on it.”

Not only did Xu create the Geleeo as a developer, but also as a parent with safety worries. She has made sure that even if the outer fabric were to tear, the gel would not cause harm to the child if they were to touch it. “The gel and the pad have passed safety tests for the United States and European markets,” according to Kickstarter. The Geleeo is available in pink/gray and blue/gray but she hopes that with the money raised she will be able to offer many more colors.

Before Xu used Kickstarter for help she funded the development and early prototypes of the Geleeo with her own money. She hopes to have the Geleeo available for shipment in the summer.

Backers receive a pocketbook-sized Geleeo for pledging $25. “It can be used to rest your wrist while holding your computer mouse, cool down your forehead or simply amaze your friends with its magical cooling effect,” according to Kickstarter. Backers who pledge $60 or more receive a Geleeo of their own.

Visit the Geleeo website for a list of store’s that sell the product.

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