iCPooch Helps Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

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With iCPooch, pronounced ‘I see pooch’, featured on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, the wait is over for pet owners who are eager to purchase the only device that is a pet camera with treat dispenser from anywhere in the world using the iCPooch app.

How Much Does the iCPooch Cost?

iCPooch, an invention created by 14-year-old Brooke Martin that allows pet owners to stay connected with their pooch at all times, is available for purchase online as well as through Amazon for $149. At this time, the iCPooch will not be available in stores.

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Where Can I Buy iCPooch for My Dog?

“We haven’t established any retail partners quite yet, but we definitely see a potential of being in retail stores,” said Martin.

The inspiration to create this product came from Martin’s desire to ease her dog’s separation anxiety by staying connected with her even when she was away from home.

Martin’s idea of iCPooch first came to life when she entered into the Startup Weekend competition where she received the most votes out of all the presenters. After this victory, she entered into the national Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge where she was one of the top 10 finalists. Martin’s captivating idea destined her to be the first runner-up in the America’s Top Young Scientist competition.

The iCPooch is a fascinating product being that it has many unique features. Several key features of the product include being able to deliver a treat to a dog using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Users can video chat with their dog and use the device by connecting to their home wireless network.

In the future, Martin plans to add more unique features to the iCPooch.

“There’s a lot of added features that will be available to go along with the product,” she said.

Martin wants to give customers the option to customize their iCPooch internet pet treat dispenser, which is why she desires to add two specific features to the device. One feature that she wants to add will allow pet owners to create their own nameplate to place on their iCPooch.

In addition, she also wants customers to have the option of purchasing the device in the color of their choice. “If someone wanted a different color then potentially they could order it in that color,” Martin said.

Natural dog treats will also be available for purchase online. These treats are not plant-based and contain meat. At this time the prices of the treats have not yet been finalized.

“They are healthy for the dogs and the dogs really love them,” Martin said.

Customers will be able to purchase a small or large bag of treats online. The smaller bag will contain 60 treats that will be 1 inch in diameter and the larger bag will contain 30 treats that will measure 2 inches in diameter.

Although the product was specifically designed for dogs it can also be used by cats, she said.

“In the future, hopefully we will be able to produce a cat version,” Martin said after she explained that market testing was going to be completed first with the initial version of the device before the decision to produce a cat version of the iCPooch would be made.

iCPooch Kickstarter Video on Youtube

Martin’s vision of getting this product into the hands of customers is two years in the making and she thanks her hardworking team of professionals for helping to make her vision for iCPooch come true. She stated that she and her team have definitely accomplished a lot in two years and it has been an amazing process.

“I could have not done it without their help, that’s for sure.”

Visit the iCPooch.com to learn more or purchase the product.

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