Fast Food Buddy helps you Dip while you Drive

Paloma Basilio

Fast food chains are constantly growing because of the high demand from consumers. Fast food has become the way that a lot of Americans get their food. The rapid growth of these fast food chains regularly makes national headlines. We live a fast-paced life where there is little time to do the things we need to in order to survive, one example is eating. We no longer have time to walk into a restaurant, hence the drive thru created for those on the constant go. Even the way food is packed is thought through very carefully in order to un-wrap a burger with the least struggle possible for eating on the go. The condiments come in little containers for easy dipping.

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The only thing the food chains failed to create is a contraption that holds the containers in place so they don’t spill. It’s problematic when a person has two sauces because they prefer their fries with barbeque sauce and nuggets with sweet and sour, but if they eat the fires first then the nuggets will get cold and vice versa. What was supposed to be an easy meal has now turned into a complicated and messy one.

Donald Ashcraft and his partner created the Fast Food Buddy, or FFB, which is essentially a cup holder with a built in dipping sauce carrier. The creators are asking for $20,000 via Kickstarter by Oct. 7.

There are two versions of the FFB. One was designed to fit into a standardized cup holder to not take up valuable space. The second was designed for hanging. For example, the hanging FFB can hang from the groove of a car window. The cup holder feature is self explanatory and the two smaller slots are for the sauces to be held in place. The FFB will hold the messiest things in place so a person’s hands are free to maneuver between foods and dipping sauces.

The Fast Food Buddy eliminates car messes. The Fast Food Buddy is not only limited to car usage, but can also be placed in lawn chairs that have cup holders so parents can eat at their child’s little league game. The Fast Food Buddy is not only limited to “fast foods but can also accommodate healthy snacks, such as carrot sticks with ranch or sliced apples with caramel,” the creators said on Kickstarter.

“We created the Fast Food Buddy and have lined up a world-class manufacturing company with years of experience,” the creators said on Kickstarter. “This manufacturing company is standing by to handle all aspects of manufacturing and distributing the Fast Food Buddy. The Fast Food Buddy is made of durable, light-weight plastic; it will also be made completely in America and out of 100 percent recycled material.”

“To continue moving forward we will need to purchase expensive molds and help with the manufacturing process.” At this moment Ashcraft and his partner only have the prototypes of the FFB which are in the color blue, but they say that “the manufactured Fast Food Buddys will be black.”

Backers who pledge $25 receive a FFB. Pledges of $50 will get the backers both versions of the FFB, as well as a keychain and an honorary mention on the company’s Facebook page. Estimated shipping is February 2015.

Visit the product’s Kickstarter page to pledge.

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