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We rely on technology to get through the day. Using computers, laptops, tablets, and most importantly cell phones—which in a lot of cases carry our entire lives— there is the always the inevitable that usage boils down to battery life. Without enough battery life we cannot stay connected to the electronic world, which can cause some to panic.

Nvate battery life Crowdfunding Kegan McDaniel KEROKERO Power Annex Kickstarter Micro USB Nomad Cable portable phone charger Roberto Meza

Credit: Kickstarter

One would think, with all of the advances technology has made, someone would have already figured out how to make battery life last longer or create a portable phone charger. Most of us would never admit to rushing home from work to charge our cell phones until the last possible second until we are off to meet up with friends for dinner. With our “on-call” lives we need a device that will make it possible for our phones to remain with as much battery life as possible.

Kegan McDaniel and Roberto Meza are the creators of the KERO Power Annex which is an external battery for charging up to 75 percent battery life of a smartphone. They are also creators of the Nomad Lightning Cable for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, Nomad Cable-Micro USB, and the Cable Weight for iPhone 5. This is their fourth Kickstarter project which means they have a strong and successful following with all of their previous projects being funded. For this project, they are asking for $40,000 by Sept. 9 to “advance their handmade prototype into production,” as stated on Kickstarter.

The KERO Power Annex is a portable smartphone charging device. It is simple to use and can “charge your phone up to 75 percent of its battery life.” It attaches to a flat surface on the back of the phone using micro-suction. The KERO Power Annex is connected to the cell phone with a Micro USB Nomad Cable. It is safe to use the cell phone as it is charging just like a regular plug-in charger.

The KERO Power Annex uses a light system to let users know the cell phone’s battery life. “[A] flashing red light means [the phone is] less than 25 percent charged, solid red light [means phone is] 25-50 percent charged, flashing green light [shows phone is] 50-75 percent charged, solid green light, [the phone is] 75-100 percent charged,” according to Kickstarter.

“After months of prototyping and designing the Power Annex we pushed the limits of maximizing the battery capacity within a slim profile,” the creators said on Kickstarter. “Ultimately, it was a major challenge to keep the Power Annex under 0.4 inches.” The Power Annex is 4.72 inches in length, 1.18 inches in width, and 0.35 inches in depth, which makes it slim enough to not notice a huge difference when holding a cell phone. The KERO Power Annex comes equipped with a USB cord to charge on a computer. The best part is that the KERO Power Annex comes with a one-year warranty, according to the creators.

Nvate battery life Crowdfunding Kegan McDaniel KEROKERO Power Annex Kickstarter Micro USB Nomad Cable portable phone charger Roberto Meza

Credit: Kickstarter

The creators are offering some pretty sweet rewards to backers. At the silver level, backers receive a Power Annex for $19. For pledging $30 at this level, backers will receive the Nomad Cable for Android, and $37 for the compatible cable for Apple devices. The cable is a 3-inch key ring cable that is a USB on one end, and a connection for an Apple product or Android device on the other. At the gold level, backers receive two Power Annexes for $55. Adding cables brings the total to $55 for Android and $69 for Apple. The creators hope to have the KERO Power Annex delivered in November, just in time for the holidays.

Visit the project’s Kickstarter page to pledge.

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