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It’s that jolly time of year again… you know, the time of year when about a month’s pay goes toward buying gifts for everyone in your family. Firebox.com has a variety of gifts for everyone on your list. The spectrum is pretty broad: there are serious gifts, useful gifts and gag gifts—the best out there! Below is a tiny fraction of the products you can discover on Firebox.com. Visit the website for more information on these products and how you can get your hands on them.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Puppet

This was truly the year of the cat—the Grumpy Cat, that is. The Grumpy Cat memes were everywhere and no one could get enough of them. But since all Internet fads simmer down as quickly as they emerge, this cat isn’t as easy to find anymore. For those of you who still cannot get enough of the Grumpy Cat, fear not! Firebox.com is selling the Grumpy Cat Puppet for $31.49 plus tax. It is as soft as it is cuddly for those nights when you want to recreate popular memes or just have some fun. If you don’t consider yourself a talented puppeteer, the feline can still sit around as a humorous piece of decoration, making for a great conversation starter at holiday get-togethers.


Mighty Power Wallet

Portable cell phone chargers are no longer a thing of the future. The most common portable chargers come attached to a purse, so there aren’t many choices out there for men. To fix this conundrum, Firebox.com offers the Mighty Power Wallet, which is made out of real “Italian Saffiano Leather.” It includes a “powerful built-in 3000mAh battery” to charge your phone about one and a half times. As the website also states, it “comes with microUSB and Lightning adaptors” and “still has all the card slots and cash sleeves you’d expect a wallet to have.” You can have all this power—and the Italian Saffiano Leather—for $118.79 plus tax.

Wow Cup

Wow Cup

If you’ve ever been around children during lunchtime, you might have experienced firsthand just how untidy they can get, especially when drinks are involved. This can also be true of adults! Thankfully, the Wow Cup grantees no more spilled beverages. According to Firebox.com, “Using a patented 360° sealing technology, this revolutionary cup allows children to pick it up and drink from anywhere around the rim, which then seals automatically until they take their next sip. Meaning they can knock it over and bat it around the room to their hearts content.” The Wow Cup is “made from food safe plastic, 100 percent BPA and Phthalate free.” This would be a great gift for those who have small children or for those grownups that are a bit clumsier than others. You can get one in blue, pink, purple or yellow for $15.89 plus tax.

Sound Asleep Pillow

Sound Asleep Pillow

Some people cannot fall asleep unless it is dead silent in the room, while others cannot fall asleep unless there is soft music playing. As much as you search for a comfortable pair of headphones to use while sleeping, it is impossible. Headphones will never be comfortable to sleep in, especially if you are a fan of sleeping on your side. However, the Sound Asleep Pillow can provide the comfort you need to fall asleep while playing your favorite tunes. The Sound Pillow does not just limit you to using iPods. Radios, cell phones, CD players and other MP3 players can be connected to it.

“Buried deep inside the pillow’s cozy hollow fiber interior, the speaker can be heard but not seen (or felt),” Firebox.com writes. “It’s just like having a plump pillow with a quality speaker hidden inside. Actually it’s exactly like that.” The manufacturer also states that your bedmate will not be able to hear your music because the built-in speakers are soft enough for only the person lying on the pillow to hear. The Sound Asleep Pillow is made out of “cozy hollow fiber filling, which is 100 percent polyester” and the pillow “cover is 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton.” There are many positive reviews testifying to the comfort and functionality of the Sound Asleep Pillow. This music-playing pillow is available on Firebox.com for $28.49 plus tax.

Cold Brew Coffee Pot

Cold Brew Coffee Pot

The Cold Brew Coffee Pot is a great gift for those rebels in your life who go against the norm. Even during those cold winter days sitting in front of the fireplace, they prefer a cold dose of caffeine over a warm cup of Joe. The creation process does take twelve hours from start to finish, making it a bit longer than brewing regular coffee, but it’s worth it. Firebox describes the Cold Brew Coffee Pot as a “beautifully simple” product that “preserves the complex flavor compounds usually destroyed during a hot brew, leaving you with a pleasantly sweet coffee and none of those acidic or burnt overtones. When expensive coffee brands boast ‘chocolaty notes’ and ‘nutty aromas,’ you can finally taste these heavenly intricacies!” Since the coffee grounds aren’t stripped of their natural flavors like when brewing hot coffee, less sugar has to be added, which is always a plus in my book! This product is dishwasher safe, and it can also be used to prepare hot coffee or tea for those who live with not-so-rebellious people. It’s available for $20.49—plus tax, of course.

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