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Nailing a job interview can be harder than the job itself. It is true the economy is getting better, so the workforce is slowly but surely expanding. With a recovering economy comes thousands of potential applicants competing for the same positions. Of course, education does help, but with so many more people getting their education, contenders need to outshine other potential candidates in any way possible—perhaps with a great interview. An applicant can have an outstanding résumé and look competent on paper, but if they mess up the interview, they will more than likely not secure the job.

The interview is by far the most intimidating part of applying for a job. It does not matter how confident a candidate is: it’s always nerve-wracking being interviewed by one, let alone five, different individuals who are some of the highest personnel of a company. These are the people whose opinions really matter.

So how is someone supposed to conquer what is “the interview”? Well, the logical answer would be “practice makes perfect,” but there aren’t many resources for mock interviews. Some community centers offer classes on ways to improve interviewing skills, but not everyone has time to go to a two-hour class after a busy day. You would think that there would be more technology-driven ways to practice job interviews.

The Seekr Solution

Alex Ham, the creator of Seekr, came up with the idea of an interviewing practice program while in search of a job himself. “Seekr helps connect professionals within various fields to have a professional, serious practice interview,” he explains on “You’ll be more prepared than ever before, and best of all, you can practice for your interview on your own time!”

He is already taking steps toward making his dream project a reality. “We already have partnerships in process which would enable universities and institutions to create ‘rooms’ for free interview exchanges to take place as part of their experiential learning requirements.”

Alex Ham of Seekr

Alex Ham explains the Seekr project on

It is in its early stages of development, so practice would initially be available only in the form of phone interviews. Ham said, “Seekr would initially be an app for iPhone and Android. We’ve thought about doing video conferencing down the road, but for now it would just be phone interviews.” He goes on to say, “In addition to the tremendous value this can provide to job seekers, we also have the opportunity to help companies by listing open positions in relevant fields. We may also be able to use feedback data in order to screen candidates in an ‘alpha’ environment, which would allow companies to find the top talent available.”

As for the future of Seekr, Ham plans for users “to pay a fee (with various different levels of service) to have someone within their field call them within 30 minutes or so.” They can also receive feedback on how well they performed in the interview. As for the professionals conducting the interviews, they “will earn a commission and also receive a rating to ensure their quality was appropriate. It’s a similar type of business model to that of Uber, so interviewers would be incentivized to be available for interviews.”

The Kickstarter Campaign

Ham has brought his project to Kickstarter in hopes of raising $9,000 by February 2, 2015 to help with the development of the software for Seekr. Pledges made of $7 or more will receive “the premium interviewing guide in PDF format. You are supporting this initiative as someone who could benefit from this type of service.” Pledges made of $50 or more will “receive early access to Seekr. You’ll be the first to be able to be hired for instant interviews and get one interview pass since you helped make Seekr a success!”

Seekr is a very interesting concept that brings together job seekers with potential job opportunities. It is a hub for professionals and for those who would like to become professionals.

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