The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, From the Traditional to Adventurous

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February is looming, and lovers everywhere are starting to formulate their Valentine’s Day plans. Do you go with the standard dinner/chocolates/flowers combo? Or do you bust outside this rut and do something totally different (and maybe a little bit crazy)? These tips will help you strike a balance with Cupid’s big day.

Valentine's Day


The Traditional Route

The first step: Think long and hard about your significant other. Is she more of a classic beauty who loves Audrey Hepburn and being swept off her feet? If this explains your girl, stick with the timeless V-Day ideas—but zero in on the small details, and make these extra-special. You don’t want her Valentine’s Day story to sound like every other girl’s, after all.

If you usually go out to eat in your neighborhood, make reservations downtown this time. Give her a corsage when you pull up to her house, and be sure to open every door for her. Many big cities offer horse and carriage rides during this time of year—do some research to see if yours does, and take her on one if it’s available.

Don’t let the sweet touches stop there. Arrange to have a stunning display of her favorite flowers in the middle of the table when you arrive at the restaurant. After dinner, take her on a mapped-out walk through the city under the stars (weather permitting, of course). Instead of just giving her a generic store-bought card, make your own, and then read it with her. It’ll be these little moments that transform the purely traditional into the wildly memorable.

Take a Big Approach

So what do you do if your sweetie isn’t into the everyday? Maybe your girl is a daredevil who thinks fancy dinners are ridiculous. If you know she’d be on board, consider surprising her with a skydive for two. You can follow it up with a picnic, and you will have achieved an unforgettable day that’s more her style. Other go-big-or-go-home ideas: a hot air balloon ride, rock climbing, bungee jumping and parasailing.

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

Need to meet somewhere in the middle? Try to incorporate a little bit of both ends of the spectrum. Start off her day with gourmet muffins, flowers and her favorite cup of coffee. Then switch it up and reserve a personal chef to come make a romantic dinner you can enjoy by candlelight in the comfort of your home. After dinner, go on an adventure—find the nearest resort hot tub you can use, go for a nighttime hike or give ice skating a try.

For the Guys

We didn’t forget the gents. Many of the above ideas are just as appropriate for the ladies to give to their man. For more ideas, check out these gifts for men. One we like: Mr. Beer’s Beer Kit, so he can try his hand at making his own brew. If you have additional money to spend, plan a tour of a local brewery.

As you gear up for this day of romance, remember most of all that love is really what it’s about. Approach your gifts and plans with love, and spend some time thinking about your sweetheart’s personality to come up with the best way of celebrating your devotion to one another. You’ll end up with a day to savor and special memories for years to come.

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