MODUS: The Ultimate 11-in-1 Portable Sketching Tool


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If you are in school, at work or even at home and a job arises where you need to draw something, there are tons of tools you may need to use. You might use a ruler for measuring and drawing a straight line, or maybe you’ll use a compass for drawing a circle that doesn’t look like an oval. If you draw frequently, keeping a bunch of tools nearby and organized can be a hassle. The good news is there’s a tool on Kickstarter that can save you from the inconvenience.


MODUS: Lots of Tools in Little Space

Irwin Kim from SHARD Designs uploaded a project on Kickstarter specifically because he grew tired of not having the right tools at the right time. He created his device called MODUS: The Ultimate 11-in-1 Portable Sketching Tool. Kim explains on the project’s page that the MODUS is “a finely crafted, robust piece of aircraft-grade aluminum that fulfills the various tasks of essential drawing tools while maintaining a minimal, simple design that feels great in your hand.” So, the project is capable of completing various artistic jobs you might have without becoming too complicated.

One of the great things about it is how portable it is. The MODUS is the same size as a credit card, so you can carry it around in your wallet, ready to take out and draw at any time. You can also take pride in the fact that it’s American made.

The Drawing Tools of the Trade

Kim then goes on to explain the exact tools found in the MODUS. First up is a built-in protractor. It contains the basic 30, 45, 60 and 90-degree options while also giving you the ability to measure every 10 degrees easily. In addition, the device can be used as a set square, making parallel lines easier to draw. Next is probably the most basic tool for drawers: a ruler and a straightedge allowing you to measure anything and draw straight lines. One side uses inches while the other uses centimeters.

An accurate compass is built in as well, allowing you to create circles up to six inches in diameter. Kim explains, “But unlike other ruler/compasses, it supports more specific radius sizes using its unique design, going into half-centimeters and quarter-inches using a neat but simple subtraction trick.” Bonus points to the fact that the compass doesn’t use a needle, making it more childproof. Next up is a T-square, allowing for quick and accurate 90-degree angles.

Finally, the MODUS’s basic shape is even a tool. Its straight edges allow you to draw straight lines, and the rounded corners allow for rounded rectangles.

In total, all of the functions include a 180-degree protractor, an imperial ruler, a metric ruler, an imperial compass, a metric compass, a set square, a T-square, a straightedge and finally a rounded edge.

RFID Protection

In addition to those tools, the MODUS also contains two bonus features. Firstly, the slimness allows for a stylish bookmark. Secondly, it gives RFID protection to your wallet.

What is RFID, you ask? Taking a quick detour to will give us the answer. The website explains that RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, can be found inside credit cards. It allows you to wave your cards in front of a scanner instead of having to slide it through the magnetic strip. The bad news is that criminals can use an RFID reader to electronically pickpocket you. The good news is some wallets and items give RFID protection, as the MODUS does. Kim explains that the material used to create the MODUS is 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes the card more durable and less likely to bend, and simply putting the MODUS on the outside slot of your wallet can help block RFID readers.

The pledged goal was a mere $1,400, but that has already been surpassed. For more information on the project and the rewards you could receive for backing it by February 12, visit the MODUS’s page at

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