90s Nostalgia: TV Shows and Video Games Given New Life

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It seems like the farther we get from the 90s, the more people crave the decade. Those in their twenties just can’t help but want the products of the 90s they had as kids. Games and toys from any decade become retro and collectable eventually. But in the past few years, 90s fashion and fads, as well as TV shows and video games have been making an especially large mark.

90s TV Shows From Nickelodeon Return

Back in 2011, the cable network TeenNick started a two-hour block of 90s Nickelodeon cartoons and live action shows. The block ran from 12 AM to 2 AM Eastern Time. Even with the late times, the shows in that slot became the most popular on TeenNick. These classic shows also tripled the network’s ratings across many demographics, says TVByTheNumbers.Zap2It.com.

Classic 90s Video Games Available to Play for Free

Retro video games are enjoying a renaissance as well. Games like The Oregon Trail, SimCity and Frogger were everywhere from schools to homes in the 90s. They allowed many kids to pass the time, and now they’re coming back. In early January, a slew of over 2,400 MS-DOS games were released online, according to The Washington Post. The games, now on Archive.org, are all free to play. With help from volunteers, they were converted from their original forms to be playable on any computer, says Mashable.com.

90s MS-DOS Oregon Trail - Archive.org

The Oregon Trail’s graphics may be laughably outdated, but the game still tickles the nostalgia of many people. Credit: Wikimedia.org

Many of the games can only be played on the website itself, but others can be downloaded. Most of the games work well with a keyboard and mouse, but some are better if a controller is used. The games usually let the player know what the best control scheme is. Unfortunately, some of the games will freeze or suffer from other bugs. Because of this, early uploads are still being modified even as the Internet Archive’s list of games continues to grow. All this care goes into the games thanks to our nostalgia for them.

The Internet Archive has access to so many playable 90s games thanks to its partnerships. The site paired with a gaming database called Moby Games, which has information on nearly every video game released in the last four and a half decades, says Mashable.com. You can browse and play these nostalgic 90s MS-DOS games here.

These 90s games live on in other forms as well. Last summer, a theater group named Starkid released a musical in Chicago called The Trail to Oregon, which, of course, is based on the video game Oregon Trail. The show was created so that, throughout the production, the audience gets to make decisions on what happens next, much like in the game. These choose-your-own-adventure moments make every performance a bit different, just like each time the game is played.

Top 10 90s Toys

90s nostalgia is a powerful force, as these television shows and video games demonstrate. Even if we can never relive the past, re-experiencing select parts of the 90s can be an incredibly joyful experience.

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