Flying High with the ICeU Spectres Kickstarter Project

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Scott Edsall from has submitted a project to Kickstarter for his new idea, ICeU Spectres. His design is the next step in aviation technology. This aircraft was designed over a dozen years ago, but because of expenses, Edsall had to halt work on it. With support from his enthusiastic daughter, he was able to hop back on the project and begin working on the prototype. Now he has turned to Kickstarter hoping that, with more people’s help, he can finish the prototype. The money earned from the campaign will be used to complete the development of its mechanical systems and begin flight testing.

ICeU Spectres Kickstarter Project


The ICeU Spectres Flight Design

The Spectres has an all-carbon fiber body that is also used as protection against ground obstacles, a lift-generating wing structure and a shroud for the rotors. The wing structure hosts fuel cells, allowing for long flight range, and is self-stabilizing thanks to gyroscopes and accelerometers used with GPS positioning. Along with the body, the aluminum rotor drive system can tilt in all directions for vertical flight control. The engine is a twin-piston design that also synchronizes the rotors so that they rotate in a similar manner. The Kickstarter page details all the measurements and performance specs for those who want to know the specifics.

In case of engine failure or loss of control, Edsall has designed an emergency parachute system behind the pilot’s seat. Along with this safety mechanism, the fly by wire design could allow the vehicle to be controlled electronically with a remote if the pilot encounters any trouble. Edsall believes the Spectres could be used for many purposes, including reconnaissance, search and rescue, aerial photography, recreational flying and a “projection of force” for the military and law enforcement. Of course, I’m sure many people such as myself would love to just fly around. Traffic on the highway? No problem: just grab the Spectres!

The ICeU Spectres Kickstarter Crowdfunding Goal

On Kickstarter, Edsall is hoping to accumulate $100,000 by April 10. He has tried to spice the participation perks up by giving medallions to those who contribute generously to the project. There are also t-shirts, coffee mugs and even beer steins in store for contributors. There are a few other additions, but what gets real interesting is the “sponsor” level of $2,000 or more. With this amount, you’re invited to tour his facility, which is a 26,000 square-foot industrial utility plant, and see the Spectres up close. Edsall will also personally meet with you to discuss his building process and future plans.

There are, of course, still notable limits in his ambitions. With support, Edsall will be able to finish his prototype and create more copies when successful, but mass production is a ways off. This is just one of the first steps toward Edsall achieving his ultimate goal.

ICeU Spectres Possibilities with a Successful Kickstarter Project

The world is getting closer to flight for everyone. Soon we will all be piloting personal aircrafts, and the ICeU Spectres could be a significant step in that direction. If you would like to help Edsall’s project take flight or learn more about it, please visit the ICeU Spectres Kickstarter project page to become a backer.

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