Google the Wireless Carrier: A Backup Service for Android Smartphones

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Even with all the advancements in cell phone technology, a dropped call or unavailable service can still drive a consumer crazy. In an attempt to fix that, carriers are always trying to improve their service, and some phones have the option to call over Wi-Fi. More carriers have also come along, creating wider network for phones to connect to. The newest company to add their name to the list of carriers is Google.

Google Wireless


How Google’s Wireless Network will Supplement T-Mobile and Sprint

Sundar Pichai, the Senior Vice President of Google, spoke about the company’s new venture at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Its goal is to increase customer connectivity, and Google is in a good position to do exactly that. An article from says that its system will begin small, however. Google won’t be building a new nationwide carrier system. Rather, it will work with other providers, including T-Mobile and Sprint. The phone will switch between Google’s services and those of a typical provider as necessary to ensure that users won’t have to contend with dropped calls.

A Small, Secure Network for Nexus Android Phones

The size of the network is important. Google is a company that has many different technologies under its belt. One of its other products is, of course, the Android operating system. Google wants to expand, but it does not want to compromise the security of its smartphones. By keeping the network small, it will not become competition for companies like AT&T and Verizon, says an article from However, staying small is necessary because those companies also sell Android phones, and Google does not want to lose this business outlet.

Since the service will be relatively small at first, it will debut on a limited number of smartphones. The Wall Street Journal reports that the network will only be available on Nexus 6 phones when the technology is released in late March. Other phones, even earlier versions of the Nexus, will not have access to it. Motorola, the company that makes the phones, has experience with devices that switch between different services as needed. It has worked with Republic Wireless to create software that allows phones to move from one network to another seamlessly.

Google isn’t the first company to expand its business into the carrier realm, as an article on points out. Wal-Mart, Staples and Best Buy all sell their own wireless plans. Google’s initiative could lead other companies to follow suit; for instance, Apple could sell service for its iPhones.

The carrier service is in its infancy, but with steps like these, it’s clear that Google is continuing to push technology along in a variety of fields, an ambition that has made it one of the most innovative companies in the world today.

For more information on Google’s announcement, check out this YouTube video from Bloomberg Business:

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