The Drumi by YiREGO: A Green, Portable Washing Machine

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The Drumi by the YiREGO Corporation is a new washing machine! Okay, that doesn’t sound exciting, but the Drumi is quite special compared to other washing machines.

To understand the product’s uniqueness, learning a bit about the company will do us well. On the YiREGO website, the company explains that its goal is to create ethical, eco-friendly household products. While striving to improve everyday living, YiREGO aims to use as little energy as possible while improving efficiency and convenience. So how does the Drumi fit into the company’s vision?

Drumi by YiREGO


Drumi: A Washing Machine for on the Go

First, the Drumi is portable. While still maintaining a reasonable size to properly hold and wash clothing, this washing machine has a comfortable handle and was assembled using recycled material, making it lightweight. The Drumi’s portability is one of the key points in the uniqueness of this product.

The next part is the size. On one hand, the washing machine is large enough to hold a sizable amount of clothing. On the other hand, it is much smaller than regular washing machines. This allows it to be stored in many places and moved around easily. The same cannot be said of most washing machines! According to the website, it’s 22 inches by 15.5 inches by 14.5 inches.

You can take it with you on trips without having to stop at a public laundry facility. Also, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll wash your clothes after moving into an apartment. This product was, after all, inspired by the difficulties urban dwellers face. On the flip side of the coin, campers in the wilderness could benefit from having a little washing machine with them.

However, the small, portable nature of the washing machine comes at a price. You can only throw in six or seven personal items like t-shirts, socks and undergarments, along with a pair of jeans perhaps. Additionally, you can’t use it to wash towels or bed sheets. Because of this, the Drumi is a washing machine that works best on road trips, camping or if you just need a quick wash. It could also work well with baby clothes, which are obviously small.

How YiREGO’s Green Product Saves Money, Time and the Environment

One of the great things about the Drumi is how it can save you time. The cycles are quick. It takes only five minutes per load: two minutes for the wash, two minutes for the rinse and one minute for a spin.

It’s also friendly for your wallet and the environment due to how few resources it uses. The Drumi is powered by a foot pedal, negating the need for electricity. Compared to a regular washer, it also uses 80 percent less detergent and water. Not to mention it’s made out of recycled material.

The Future of Portable Washing Machines

I look forward to where this leads. A regular-sized washing machine that is just as green as the Drumi would be quite impressive. Maybe someone will find a way to change the pedal system, even. Perhaps a water mill system could eliminate the need for your foot and for electricity. Yes, a miniature-sized water mill connected to a washing machine. Then again, I don’t see how that could work unless you’re near a river. Okay, inventing is not my forte, so I digress.

YiREGO explains on its official website that the Drumi is currently available for preorder at $129. The latest estimated delivery is July 2016. To learn more about the product and the company behind it, please visit The company would also like to learn more about you: a survey asks about your washing habits so it can better understand your needs. It will be interesting to see how YiREGO continues to innovate.

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