Tesla Motors: Power Wheels For Adults

Check any kid’s toy box and sooner or later you’ll find a toy car; at some point every kid becomes fascinated by cars. They fulfill this wonder by playing with Hot Wheels and RC cars; but some of the lucky few get to drive around in those wicked-awesome Power Wheels Jeeps made by Fisher-Price. These are the plastic, battery-powered vehicles that top-out at five miles per hour and make every other kid in the neighborhood envious to the point of a tantrum. Being one of those envious kids, we would’ve given anything to get our hands on one of those Power Wheels Jeeps. As adults, though, we must put such childish things aside . . . or should we?

Thanks to Tesla Motors, the dream of owning a battery-powered vehicle can actually be a reality. Not only that, Tesla’s Model S and Roadster are far cooler than Richie Rich’s Power Wheels Jeep.

Tesla Model S and Roadster side by side

Tesla Motors’ new electric-powered automobiles are fast, efficient, and powerful. The Model S has a maximum speed of 120 mph, able to go zero to sixty in 5.6 seconds. The Roadster is even more impressive – 288 horsepower with 295 lbs-ft of torque, and acceleration from zero to sixty in 3.7 seconds. Look out, Richie! And the best part, both models produce zero emissions – the ultimate green machines.

Tesla Motors Battery Technology

These lightweight vehicles run completely off electricity from their state-of-the-art battery cell packs. The Model S features an enormous battery pack that sits quietly beneath the driver and passenger seats, not only providing enough electricity for up to three hundred miles of travel, but also lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity to dramatically increase the car’s handling capability.

Tesla motors model s universal battery chassis platform

As for the sporty Roadster, its battery pack sits silently behind the front seats, storing up to 56 kilowatt hours of energy that can last for 245 miles of speedy travel. And worry not technology skeptics, these batteries don’t require three months time or Chernobyl’s power to recharge. All the Tesla Model S and Roadster need are standard 110-volt wall outlets to plug into for an overnight recharge, and with a special fast-charger they can be ready to hit the road again in as little as 45 minutes.

The secret to Tesla’s success lies in the innovative technologies of each model. The Model S doesn’t have a bulky, clunky, carbon-monoxide-pumping engine to lug around. Instead, its motor, gear box, driver inverter and control software all sit compactly on the rear axle, not only decreasing the vehicle’s weight but also increasing its energy efficiency (three times greater than gas-powered engines), but also creating more passenger and storage space. The sleek Roadster’s technology is even more impressive; the power electronics module constantly monitors current flow from the battery to the motor through the pressure placed on the accelerator pedal. Also, the speedster’s on-board computer system – Vehicle Management System – monitors its functioning, energy efficiency, motor control, and diagnostics to ensure high-performance. And if problems do arise, remote diagnosis allows Tesla engineers to assess and solve the issue without direct access to the car, saving time and money on repairs.

While some may balk at the Model S’s $55,000 price tag or the $105,000 Roadster, these vehicles are well worth the price. When costs associated with gas-powered vehicles are tallied – refueling, tune-ups, repairs – Tesla’s electric-powered models are cheaper in the long-term than a comparable dinosaur-burner. The charging system eliminates costly, inconvenient trips to the gas pumps, and the zero emissions leave drivers at peace knowing that they are doing their part to fight global warming and dependency on oil.

Reserve your 2012 Tesla Model S or Roadster at Tesla’s website. It will be the coolest toy you ever purchased.


The Tesla Model S will begin shipping July 2012, and possibly sooner according to Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk

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