What rechargeable battery tech will replace your Tesla’s lithium ion?

People have always enjoyed hating on Tesla. If you’ve ever read this site, you know that’s not the case with us. We love crazy ideas that eventually become mainstream. We especially love it when the crazy idea turns into a success story like Tesla (or the Facebook IPO my friends told me I was stupid for buying into and wasting $17/share on). 

With news of Tesla’s $14 billion of preorders for the upcoming Model 3, I began wondering what was next for car moving battery tech. Currently Tesla is the largest consumer of Panasonic batteries, but I’ve heard rumors they’re also the largest consumer of lithium ion batteries in the  world. Then when I saw this article on Business Insider, I was reminded of a question I had asked over the years and never investigated. Check it this article, It’s a great piece about the limitations of current, future, and theorized battery tech that could one day be powering your Tesla. 

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