Don’t Touch That Dial! Griffin’s Latest Gadget Turns Your Phone into a Remote

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You do everything else with your smart phone; why not control your entertainment system as well? You can with the new Griffin Beacon universal remote control system.

The Griffin technology converts Bluetooth language into infra-red in order to speak with other devices in the room. Other nice touches include Netflix and TV Guide integration – a feature you’d be hard-pressed to find in a conventional remote.

Beacon Remote

All you do is set the battery operated transmitter anywhere around your entertainment center. Then the iPhone remote app by Dijit is easy to navigate as you set up your phone like a remote. Like on costly universal remotes, choose the brands of your systems and before long your devices are ready for duty.

Griffin is a major mobile accessory maker and their expertise is clear. The Beacon transmitter and corresponding app are easy to use, and the device database is constantly being updated as new televisions, sound systems, and other remote controlled devices make their way to living rooms.

While the $80 price tag seems steep at first, compared to other top-tier universal remotes, it’s a steal. You may never search the couch cushions for the remote again.

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