Amazon Lockers: Locking Up Seattle, New York, London

By Allan Harris and Corey Conley

Amazon’s new lockers are creating quite the buzz. These lockers serve as Amazon-only P.O. boxes, allowing people another way to receive their online goodies.

Seattle, the home of Amazon, was given preference for the first lockers. Amazon has also rolled out lockers all over New York and London.These Amazon lockers are just like the usual P.O. Boxes, only automated and larger. At the moment, there are only eight Amazon lockers spread around in Manhattan in Rite Aides, D’Agostinos and Gristedes. Amazon lockers are appearing all over London, and in the metropolitan area.

Amazon Lockers kiosk

Each set of Amazon lockers looks like a kiosk with quite a few slots in it. Each slot has a unique code used as a password to access the purchases. The Amazon lockers were exclusively designed for Amazon purchases to make delivery safe and convenient for customers.

How Amazon Lockers Work

How Amazon Lockers work is simple. Users on need to check their address book and add the location of their locker to their account settings. Once you have done this your online purchases will be delivered to that P.O. Box locatoin. At the same time, a 6-digit pickup code will be emailed to you. When you go to pickup your package, type the 6-digit code into the touchscreen computer accompanying the lockers in order to unlock the allocated slot.

Amazon Lockers kiosk computer screen

Are Amazon Lockers Secure?

The security of Amazon Lockers is insured by using the “portal turret” in its design. It makes sure that only the right ticket and codes are used by the user. Unless all the required information is matched, the locker will not be accessible. This means that users can receive their purchases at their convenience, without fearing that they will miss out on their delivery. No need to worry about receiving your package at the office or at home. Just walk up to the nearest Amazon locker and receive your stuff.

The Amazon lockers will be a huge convenience for those without a fixed address. Imagine the convenience if you are travelling from Manhattan to London. While you may not know the address of your destination, you can simply search for the nearest Amazon locker location during the checkout process and enter that address as the place of delivery. Your Amazon package will be waiting for you when you arrive at your next destination.

As the roll-out expands to more cities, there’s no telling where the online retail giant will stop. For now, the Amazon lockers have become one of the most fascinating displays of customer service. Click here to learn more about Amazon’s lockers or here to find Amazon lockers near you

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