Color Me Impressed: IdeaPaint Makes Any Surface Scribble Friendly

By Marisa Mazart

Remember when you were a carefree kid, discovering, with wonder, how your crayons could write on any surface. Walls, furniture, the family sedan, all were improved by a waxy coat of “Mac and Cheese” orange. At least your thought so. Your parents, you quickly found, weren’t quite convinced. Finally, someone is resolving this age-old dilemma, and the solution is Ideapaint.

IdeaPaint on home office wall

IdeaPaint can turn any average room into an outlet for creativity. Industrial design schools can take advantage of this new innovation by using Ideapaint in their design projects. This invention is not quite as cheap as an orange crayon , but it’s every bit as versatile. From doors and desks to tables and refrigerators, the paint holds to most surfaces, creating a brand-new dry erase whiteboard surface anywhere that’s been properly prepared.

Of course, application is the easy part, it’s the removal that gets four-year-olds in trouble. Fortunately, IdeaPaint comes off with any common dry erase marker eraser. The potential for schools and bedrooms everywhere is obvious – children can be handed a marker, and with minimal supervision, allow their creativity to go wild.

How Was IdeaPaint Created?

IdeaPaint was developed by classmates John Goscha, Morgen Newman, and Jeff Avallon . At the start, some science labs told them that their idea of a white board paint applied with a roller and a single coat is impossible, but with lots of hard work from CAS-MI Laboratories in Michigan, they were able to successfully create the dry erase paint.

ideapaint in office with computer

IdeaPaint, Not Just For The Booster-Seat Crowd

IdeaPaint is not just for the booster-seat crowd. It provides a powerful new outlet for adult collaboration and creativity. Their office line of Ideapaint is perfect for the corporate brainstorming session. Similarly, a home line makes it easy to freshen up the décor – with a minimum commitment if it doesn’t turn out as planned. It’s IdeaPaint’s versatility that makes it stand out from other classroom tech, like smart boards. Instead of a costly board and pen that restricts classes to one user at a time, IdeaPaint lets everyone share their ideas over the fifty square feet a single kit can provide.

ideapaint home office cloud

Of course, there are drawbacks. At $175, IdeaPaint is more expensive than plain-old latex. It also takes a bit more effort to apply than a comparable whiteboard. Expect to spend a significant amount of time sanding, painting, and then sanding some more if your surface isn’t smooth enough already. Botching the installation can leave you with unsightly, uncleanable marks on the walls.

Still, it’s an invention with intriguing possibilities for the worlds of entertainment and education. Keep your eye out for an IdeaPainted wall near you.

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