Gear Review: Mophie Juice Pack

By Beatty Jamieson

Though being a Mac user all my life, my Apple devotion never extended to their mobile devices running the iOS operating system. But now, I’ve finally turned my back upon Palm after six years and given in to the siren song of the iPhone. I’m now the proud owner of my very own iPhone 4S, and I’ve been digging around for some accessories worthy of both the phone and my dollars. The first winner: the competent, though pricey Mophie Juice Pack.

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The Battery Life Conundrum

Though the iPhone has pretty good battery life on a Wi-Fi network or while you’re just listening to music at work, once you travel, play games, or watch videos your data and graphics intensive activities will drop your battery fast. While on a recent 14-day road trip, during which the phone served as my primary source of entertainment, I sometimes saw battery life drop by 1% a minute as I jumped between Google Maps, Mail, Safari, and my favorite app, “Zombie Gunship.”

I began wondering how to deal with an iPhone that is always draining it’s battery. I didn’t want to be that uber nerd that walks around with a wall charger in my hand, an iBeggar looking for that one more hit of sweet AC. So I researched the many battery extending iPhone cases on the market and settled on the Mophie Juice Pack.

Mophie Juice Pack Pros

The Juice Pack nicely combines its two functions. A sturdy case that wraps around the back and edge of your lovable liability, protecting it all over with a lip that keeps the screen from coming in contact with a surface when set, or dropped, facedown. It’s also an extended battery, of course. The battery comes in two different capacities (1500 or 2000 mAh, for those that have to know) and several different colors.

The 1500mAh capacity will extend your battery life by around 6 hours talk time, and the whole device fits quite well over the iPhone, increasing bulk and weight, but still retaining some measure of the iPhone’s style. Fit and finish are good.

Mophie Juice Pack Cons

The largest problem I’ve had with the Mophie Juice Pack is it’s lack of a 30-pin connector. It charges and syncs through a micro USB connector on the bottom right corner of the case, but that means your iPod/iPhone accessories that rely on the versatile 30-pin connector are now useless unless you pop the iPhone out of its case. Beyond that, there have been some complaints the micro USB cable that comes with the Mophie Juice Pack has trouble making all the necessary connections for it to charge or sync with your computer.

Mophie iphone juice pack side micro usb view

Micro USB Connector On Bottom Corner Of Mophie Case

The Mophie Juice Pack has a bit of a price to it, $79.95 for the 1500 mAh Juice Pack Air and $99.95 for the 2000 mAh Juice Pack Plus. But considering it protects your device and extends its battery life between charges by around 2 fold, the price seems reasonable.

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