Liquipel: Make Your Smartphone Watersafe

By Beatty Jamieson

It is always a shame to cover your super-chic phone in a bulky case that doesn’t do your sexy device any justice. You want to enjoy its smooth face, welcoming curves, and crisp edges, but the significant investment of money forces us to protect our tech love as if it were a child.

“How much shock resistance, water proofness, and anti-dust coating do I really need?” This is the internal conversation you may find yourself having in the aisle at Best Buy as you survey their assortment of cheaply made, yet expensive cases.

However, if your main concern is protecting your prized device from water, then Liquipel may be the perfect case replacement. This coating waterproofs your phone invisibly, leaving you with what appears to be a box-stock smartphone.

Liquipel Logo Waterproof your smartphone

How does Liquipel waterproof a smartphone?

  1. Your device is nestled in an air tight chamber and all the air is pumped out.
  2. Liquipel pumps their proprietary ‘secret sauce’ (our term, not theirs) into the chamber as a vapor, permeating every nook and cranny of your gadget.
  3. Using technology found “only on the surface of the Sun” the vapor binds with your device on the molecular level. It’s unclear what Liquipel actually means with that phrase, but here’s hoping this mystery tech is more involved than “we make it hot.”
  4. The locker returns to regular atmospheric pressure and out pops your device.

How much does Liquipel cost?

Liquipel offers 3 different services.
Standard Liquipel – $59 they provide the Liquipel treatment within 1-2 days of receiving your device
Priority Liquipel – $69 this is the standard Liquipel, but the treatment is applied within 2 hours of receiving your device
Liquipel & Gadget Film – $79 within 1-3 days of receiving your device, the Liquipel treatment is applied. Then they cover your device in ‘Gadget Film’, which is a super-thin film that is applied directly to the surface of your device providing long lasting scratch protection.

To get your device back to you quickly, Liquipel offers free ground shipping. If you need it back sooner, you can upgrade to 2nd Day Air $24.13 or Next Day Air $57.32.

Liquipel waterproof iphone

What devices can Liquipel waterproof?

Currently, Liquipel can waterproof the following devices:
Apple iPod Shuffle
Apple iPhone 4s
Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 3g/s
Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile)
Galaxy S2 (AT&T)
HTC Evo 4G
HTC Evo Shift 4G
HTC MyTouch 4G
Motorola Droid X/X2
Samsung Charge

But check back as they update their list of supported devices at or you can contact them using their contact us page.

As one of those rebels who refuses to hide my technological precious in a case, Liquipel is the only service that thrills me with the possibilities to protect my gadget and still admire the thoughtful design. As the company gains popularity, I’m hopeful to see their promises hold up. In the meantime, I’m fighting the urge to ship my phone to them for the Liquipel & Gadget Film treatment.

Editor’s note: Liquipel takes great pains to describe its treatment as a preventative measure, so deliberately dunking your phone in tapioca is probably a bad idea. We have not independently tested their claims, so use caution with subjecting expensive gadgets to third party processes. If you have questions about how this could affect your device (and warranty), be sure to check with the manufacturer of your device beforehand.

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