Cupcakes: Fresh Out of the Vending Machine!

By Talia Beechick

Sprinkles Cupcakes Box Irish Cream Red Velvet Carrot Pumpkin Spice

Is your late-night sweet tooth acting up again? Those that live in Beverly Hills don’t have to worry now that Sprinkles Cupcakes has successfully opened its first cupcake vending machine. Delivering freshly baked cupcakes 24/7, this cupcake “ATM” is a phenomenon which is not to be missed!

This first of its kind vending machine is located next to the original Sprinkles bakery in Beverly Hills. It is stocked both day and night with freshly baked and boxed cupcakes, ensuring fluffy and delicious treats even when visiting during off-hours.

Naturally, the machine offers an impressive array of flavors among its 600 cupcake stock. Daily specials join a constant supply of crowd pleasers like Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet and Chocolate Marshmallow.

This bubblegum pink machine has already been a huge hit, selling over 1,000 cupcakes each day. Even at $4 a cupcake (compared to the $3.25, unboxed cupcake in-stores), people are flocking to the city’s latest attraction, forming lines which stretch around the corner.

How Does This Cupcake Dispensing ATM Work?

After placing an order on the interactive ATM touch-screen, the cupcake-deprived can actually watch via camera as the robotic arm reaches back and delivers the boxed cupcake. The delicate dance of robot and confection takes just seconds.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Cupcake Dispensing ATM Machine

Weight watchers should know it doesn’t stop at cupcakes. This new cupcake ATM also sells the infamous Sprinkles cupcake mixes, Sprinkles apparel, and even cupcakes for dogs. These vending machines will be spreading to ten locations across the U.S. in the near future, including three in New York (Midtown, downtown and the Upper West Side) and Chicago (rumored to be located near the shop on Walton). The bakery expects to have these machines up and running by the time summer arrives.

While the technology is hardly Earth-shaking, it’s a bold step for the bakery. Sprinkles bakery, widely considered the world’s first cupcake-centric bakery, was founded in 2002 by investment bankers Candace and Charles Nelson. Since its opening, it has received high praise from celebrities and media sources such as Tyra Banks, Oprah, Food Network and Good Morning America. Now the cupcake boutique is a genuine phenomenon, and imitators can be found in the trendier, upscale parts of many cities and suburbs.

Of course, Sprinkles has long been known for its forward-thinking ways. The company has donated over $3.3 million in cash and cupcakes to various charities including children’s hospitals and the Women’s Cancer Research Fund, and is proud to use boxes, plates, napkins and shopping bags made from recycled materials. This environmentally-friendly vision has expanded within the bakery to include a Sprinkles annual Earth Day campaign, which has raised over $31,000 for several environmental health organizations since 2008.

Of course, many question the value of making baked confections easier to attain in a time when obesity rates are sky-rocketing, and that’s a fair question. But, come on, one won’t hurt you. Just one.

See The Sprinkles Cupcakes Machine In Action!

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