Innovative Grilling: 10 Toys to Make Your Grillstravaganza Sizzle

By Beatty Jamieson

Dual Fuel Luxury Grill Blazes at 145,000 Btu on Charcoal or Gas

Innovative Grilling Dual Fuel Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E1060

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E1060

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E1060

So it’s time to retire your old Weber grill. It served you well in college, but now it’s a burnt-out reminder of your youth that once was. You would love an outdoor kitchen, but with a price tag of up to and beyond $30,000, you opt for a more portable solution. Feast your eyes on this hunk of burning love, the Echelon Diamond Series from Fire Magic. Among its features are an integrated smoker, halogen lights, cook zone dividers for controlled temperatures, a rotisserie kit, 1,056 square inches of cooking surface, and it can even be personalized with a stainless steel plaque bearing your name. This dual-fuel beauty can use gas as well as charcoal to total an output of 145,000 British thermal units. Whether your goal is to throw the best block party the neighborhood has ever had, or to create hell on earth, this technical marvel will set you back around $13,500 (£8,700). Find your local dealer at

One of the Best Wireless Grilling Thermometers Works with iPhone and Android Smartphones

Innovative Grilling CyberQ Wifi digital thermometer computer

CyberQ Wifi from

CyberQ Wifi from

So you have a shiny new behemoth of a barbeque pit and you’re having the neighborhood over to help you break it in. You, the master of meat and flame, are ready to show off your skills, but what will you do with your gourmet responsibilities when it’s time to mingle, or grab another beer? CyberQ Wifi is here to take the human element out of grilling. From the geniuses at The BBQ Guru website, CyberQ Wifi is a computer with a built in Wi-Fi Web server for your grill. You can control your pit’s temperature, monitor the temperature of three different meats, have it learn and adapt to your specific pit to optimize cooking performance, and yes, you can do all of this from your smartphone or PC. CyberQ Wifi will even email you when your food is ready. With these features and many many more, CyberQ will still let you stand behind the grill holding that oversized spatula, but the last thing on your mind will be grilling. Available now for $295 (£190) on

Outdoor Kegerator Dispenses Cold Beer and Frosty Drinks

Innovative Grilling Perlick Outdoor Kitchen Fridge and Beer Dispenser

Perlick Outdoor Fridge and Beer Dispenser

Perlick Outdoor Fridge and Beer Dispenser

There are often two key ingredients for a decent cookout: charred slabs of meat and cold drinks. The Perlick Outdoor Fridge and Beer Dispenser is here to dispel your thirst and sobriety. With commercial grade stainless steel shinning in the hot sun, it stands 48 inches tall and can serve frosty cool drinks at a near freezing temperature of 33 degrees Fahrenheit. What? You have to have beer on tap? This frosty beer dispenser has you covered, handling a one-half barrel, one-fourth barrel, or up to three barrels. The product is available for $6,200 (£4,000) and you can find your local dealer on

Handheld Electric Smoker Gun Puts Finishing Touches On Your Barbecue Receipe

Innovative Grilling The Smoking Gun by PolyScience from Williams sonoma

The Smoking Gun by PolyScience

The Smoking Gun by PolyScience

We can’t all be grill masters, mixing the perfect balance of smoke and natural flavor into our backyard culinary concoctions. But lucky us, the brilliant folks at the PolyScience have delivered an amazing cooking gadget that does just that. The Smoking Gun helps us to not only touch up those steaks we just took off of the grill, but also gives a delicious smoky flavor to foods that aren’t directly exposed to smoke. With the 18 inch hose, those baked potatoes and even salads can be lightly drizzled to match the taste of your main course. It runs on four AA batteries and its durable, heat-resistant components make for easy cleaning. You can pick your Smoking Gun up at for $99 (£64).

All-In-One Barbecue Tool Gives You Three Utensils In One Grilling Gadget

Innovative Grilling Stake: All-in-One BBQ Tool by Quirky

Stake: All-in-One BBQ Tool by Quirk

Stake: All-in-One BBQ Tool by Quirky

It’s a hot summer day, standing over a flaming grill with a cold beer in one hand and a spatula in the other, you feel like life can’t get any better. That’s until you realize you need the tongs instead of the spatula, or a fork instead of the tongs. Never fear having to set your beer down again because with the Stake you have all three tools in one hand. Need a fork? Slide it out then tuck it away into the spatula when you need to flip something. Need tongs? No problem, unlock the handles and the spatula separates into tongs. This handy Barbecue innovation only lacks one thing, a bottle opener. Grab your Stake at for $30 (£20).

A Grilling App On iPhone Or Android For The Barbecue Pro In All Of Us

Innovative Grilling Weber's On the Grill Recipe and timer iOS and Android App

Weber's On the Grill iOS and Android App

Weber’s On the Grill iOS and Android App

It’s wonderful to grow your collection of all the fun toys that surround grilling. But for anyone that needs a little help planning their cookout or wants to expand their knowledge base, Weber’s On the Grill mobile app will do the trick. Available on iOS and Android devices, this app is loaded with features: over 300 recipes from Weber’s best-selling cookbooks, store recipe information as a shopping list, share with friends, learn from 100 plus tips and videos, and even make notes on any recipe. Weber’s On the Grill will set you back $5 (£3.20) and is available via the iTunes app store and Google Play.

A Well Designed Meat Thermometer That Uses Simplicity For Added Functionality

Innovative Grilling Steak Button meat thermometer by Sur La Table

Steak Button by Sur La Table

Steak Button by Sur La Table

So maybe we’re getting too techy and complicated with this list. To some, the purpose of grilling is to simplify the cooking experience, to boil down the process to fire, meat, a little seasoning and the outdoors. For those that feel grilling is a sacred experience, I’m with you and here is a low-tech innovation to help that slab of meat cook perfectly to your guest’s preference. The Steak Button takes the often complicated concept of a meat thermometer and gives it beautifully-crafted, functional simplicity. Rather than cluttering the dial face with numbers, it reads: Rare, Med and Well. The Steak Button comes four per pack and is priced at $20 (£13). For the pork lover, the Pork Button is available, offering similar simplicity and functionality. It is priced at $11 (£7). The Steak Button and Pork Button are available on

Take Your Grillstravaganza Out On The Lake With This Compact Party Barge

Innovative Grilling iRev 10 Person Party Barge by Motothority

iRev 10 Person Party Barge by Motothority

iRev 10 Person Party Barge by Motothority

Though it looks less like a party barge and more like a bumper boat for adults, the iRev from Motothority features seating for 10, a low-smoke charcoal grill as its centerpiece—your choice of an electric or gas motor—and is customizable with a beverage bucket, lying mattress, marine speaker system and many other amenities. The iRev is made in the U.S. using 45 percent reclaimed material. If that isn’t green enough for you, it is also 80 percent recyclable. With many colors to choose from, you can snatch your iRev for $24,000 (£15,500) at

Don’t Know How To Season Your Cast Iron Grill, Grate, Griddle, Or Skillet? Pre Seasoned Cookware Is Here For You

Innovative Grilling Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

It takes serious dedication to thoroughly season a grill to the point where food comes out with that indescribable essence that is years of different meats, oils and flavors joining in delicious sizzling unity. But if you find yourself with a young grill and not enough time before your next grillstravaganza you’ll want to look into Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware. By using a top secret process that involves soy-based vegetable oil and near infernal temperatures, the oil penetrates the iron leaving a beautifully delicious patina. Prices range between $10 (£6) to $60 (£39) and you can have your pick of seasoned bakeware, skillets, griddles or fryers. Visit to place your order.

These Cooking Skewers Are Unlike Any Grilling Accessory You’ve Owned

Innovative Cooking Flexible Grilling Skewers by Fire Wire from Williams Sonoma

Flexible Grilling Skewers by Fire Wire

Flexible Grilling Skewers by Fire Wire

Traditional skewers, while providing for fun and delicious kabobs, sometimes create their own problems. If your grill doesn’t circulate heat well, inflexible skewers can result in food that isn’t cooked evenly. Want to marinade? You better have a pan or casserole dish to accommodate the length. How about your grill’s cooking surface size? Will the kabobs even fit? All of these questions are answered thanks to the friendly folks at Fire Wire. They have given us a precious gift, the gift of flexible skewers. These flexible skewers sport a cable-style design and are made of 100 percent food grade, non-reactive stainless steel. Wind the kabobs up for easy marinating in a bowl or to fit perfectly over that sweet spot on your grill for even cooking. These flexible skewers come four to a pack for $16 (£11) and provide ease of use and ease of eating. You can pick up yours at

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