Structural Innovations of Dubai: 3 of the Emirate’s Greatest Beacons

By Rachel Flynn

The United Arab Emirates is a leader in hotel and structural innovation. A proposed water hotel, skyscraper and resort highlight these innovations. As one of the richest cities in the world, not only are these pieces breathtaking, they are very expensive. With their garish ideas and fantastic plans, the city that is already a beacon of wealth shines even brighter.

Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Dubai water discus underwater luxury hotel

Their newest hotel will be no different from the rest of the country. According to Gizmag, the proposed Water Discus Underwater Hotel will allow customers to sleep underwater and be able to see through their hotel walls. It will become the largest underwater luxury hotel, with the building looking like something from the future. With spaceship-like discs sitting above the water, the design is pleasing to the eye and will have many luxury accommodations such as a spa, gardens, and a helicopter pad if anyone wishes to fly in. With 21 guest rooms, it promises to be an interesting place to be. Each room will not only have windows with a view underwater, but also cameras that can zoom in for even better discovery.

As with any water-based construction, there are safety measures added in. The top discs can become lifeboats and should there be an issue with the water, the entire hotel can be moved, according to Deep Ocean Technology, the Polish design firm behind the project. There is easy access between the structure under the water and the discs above. Stairs and elevators allow visitors to move between the levels. The discs are interchangeable and on columns that tether it to the ocean floor, keeping the building safely attached to the ground. It will not just be a hotel, but also a studying ground for underwater research and development. While the information has not yet been released as to what the studies will be, the creators are hoping for it to help make great strides in ocean discovery and help tourists see a whole other side of the UAE. Gizmag states that a comprehensive idea is to create new ecosystems and to help nurture the life of underwater creatures.

Burj Khalifa Skyscraper

Dubai Burj Khalifa World's tallest Skyscraper

Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world. A silver skyscraper that gleams in the light of day, the building stands roughly2,716 feet tall, according to the building’s website. It is the center of the business district, standing between many hotels and entertainment, making it a sightseeing goldmine for Dubai tourists.

Constructed over several years, the skyscraper will not be the tallest building for long, but it will still be one of the most grand. Construction itself was a worldwide affair, with 30 different companies from many nations aiding in the process. From 2004-2010, the building lifted up into the sky, according to the building’s website. Built with three elements around a main component, the skyscraper’s beautiful design on the outside can only be rivaled by its inside. Filled with luxury in the form of apartments and offices, the building houses whirlpool spas, pools and recreational rooms as only some of its perks. Inside the building there are also restaurants, corporate offices and the Armani hotel. The art inside the building is also not to be ignored. From well-known, Middle Eastern artists, the pieces of art make sure the building is functional and beautiful.

The Dubai fountain can be found outside and the water moves as music plays to accompany it. An observation deck stands on the 124th floor, giving visitors a better view than that on the Eiffel Tower. The whole building is surrounded by a park that spans 27 acres around the building. The water room sits center in this park, showcasing fountains and pools, along with pathways, flowers and many different gardens.

Another must-see of Dubai, the skyscraper does not disappoint. With its beautiful structure, it promises to be a beacon for a long time.

Palm Islands

Dubai Palm Tree Shaped man made islands luxury resort

The last, and most glorious of Dubai, at least so far, are the Palm Islands. Called the eighth wonder of the world, this man-made island can be seen from space. Residential homes along with a tourist attraction, the Palm Islands are shaped like a giant palm tree and span out into the Arabian Gulf. This is a complicated piece to complete and has been under construction since 2001, according to the island’s website.

Seen as one of the most expensive ventures and places to live when it is finished, each palm will have its own community. The Palm Jumeirah is the main piece of the island as it makes up the tree trunk with fronds and a semicircle around the palm. A palm of 4,000 residences, it is comprised of villas and apartments that opened in 2004, according to the island’s website. The Palm Jebel Ali was finished in 2008 and is circled by the Dubai waterfront. Said to be larger than The Palm Jumeirah, it houses a water park and sea-village houses with stilts. Villas in both palms are being sold for $1.5 million to upwards of $10 million, according to Viviun, an international property listings website. The Palm Deira is going to be the smallest of the three, though it was meant to be the biggest. After changes in the plans, this island is yet to be completed.

Atlantis, the water resort that has so often been shown in U.S. commercials, has also expanded to Dubai and holds residence in the Palms. An expensive vacation, but one that seems worth anyone’s while, Atlantis is not only a water park, but an elite resort kept on one of the richest cities on the planet. Swimming with dolphins, water parks, spas and shopping can hold the vacationer’s attention, while the city beckons for even more exploring. For those who can afford it, Dubai and Atlantis are a place to be.

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