Tumblr and Pinterest: How the “Other” Social Networks Can Boost Your Business

By Jen Heller Meservey

In the last few years, Facebook and Twitter have emerged as social network juggernauts, taking over the Internet and connecting people with distant relatives, old friends and like-minded strangers. By now, your business probably already has a Facebook and a Twitter account, and if it doesn’t, it should. However, two scrappy little social networking sites have recently appeared, putting a fresh spin on sharing and networking online, and many small businesses are wondering if using Tumblr and Pinterest will help boost their profits. With both of these websites receiving roughly 15 billion pageviews per month, it may not be a bad idea to set up accounts, and use the following tips to make these “other” social networks work for your business.

Business Social Network Pinterest Logo with Pin Boards

Be a human being.

One of the worst things you can do on Tumblr or Pinterest is only post products you have for sale. Keep the advertising to your company’s website, and make your Tumblr and Pinterest pages more personal. Post about how excited you are to reveal a new line of products, and give your followers a sneak peek. Post pictures from a company party, or share funny stories about things that happen around the office. Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at how you do business to show the human side of your company.

Don’t be self-serving.

Again, don’t limit your posts to pushing your merchandise or services. Tumblr and Pinterest are best used for content curation, or sharing interesting and unique things you find on the Internet. Supplement your original content with news, tips and other companies’ products that are related to your business. If you sell dog food, post an article about the benefits of organic dog food, some cute puppy photos, or an ad for an automatic dog feeder. Give your opinion about each post, or recommend one of your products. Be sure to link back to your website for more information.

Keep it fresh.

Followers will lose interest in your Tumblr or Pinterest if you rarely post any new content. Try to post daily or weekly to keep your page fresh and receive regular pageviews. Try a daily theme or featured product, ask for opinions about new company ideas, or post the latest industry news. Followers will notice that you have fresh content on a regular basis, and will keep coming back for more.

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Tag like crazy.

Tag your posts as much as possible to make them appear in the Tumblr or Pinterest archive for each tag. The more you tag, the more your content will appear in different tag streams search results, but don’t go overboard. Make sure your tags are relevant, or you may appear to be spamming.

Connect with other users.

Be sure to follow top users and “like” or comment on top posts. Don’t just blatantly promote your company in your comments, make insightful remarks. Other users will see your name appear on their favorite posts, and may decide to follow you. It’s also a good idea to “reblog” or “repin” content from other users. In return, these users will likely follow you and share your content.

Link your website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Let your Facebook fans and Twitter followers know that you’re on Tumblr and Pinterest by linking your accounts. You can also place Tumblr and Pinterest buttons on your company website so viewers can easily connect with you.

While Facebook and Twitter are still the giants of social networking, Tumblr and Pinterest may be worth the 5 minutes it takes to create an account for your business. Keep these tips in mind and your followers are sure to become happy customers.

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