Crowdfunding Pick of the Week: Want to Easily Transition between a Stylus and a Pen?

by Linzy Novotny

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project SPC stylus pen combo by Jeff and Chris Scheibe

A project design team started by two brothers has streamlined the use of a ballpoint pen and stylus. The brothers are asking for funding through Kickstarter to start production on the SPC, a stylus pen combo.

Integ Designs was started by Jeff and Chris Scheibe in Riverside, Cali., with the purpose to design and manufacture products in the United States. “At Integ, we’re committed to supporting American companies and doing our small part to jumpstart the economy in the best way we can,” Chris said in the duo’s Kickstarter bio.

With this goal in mind and the desire to easily transition from a stylus to a ballpoint pen and vice versa, the brothers designed the SPC stylus pen combo. “This project started out as something we made in the shop for ourselves,” the brothers stated on Kickstarter. “We use touch-screen monitors and tablets, but often have to write and design on paper at the same time, and were dissatisfied with the choices available.”

“For us, this project was born out of necessity. We needed something that could stand up to our harsh workshop environment, but it also needed to be something that we would be proud to put our name on.”

After a few months and several revisions, the brothers successfully designed a stylus that houses a ballpoint pen. According to Kickstarter, the stylus and pen fit together using two pieces of metal. One piece of metal is the outer base and silicone nib that forms the stylus. The other piece of metal fits into the base and contains the ballpoint pen.

When the ink runs out, inserting a refill is easy. The pen is held in place with a screwed in tip. That piece of metal is housed in the stylus using vacuum pressure, which eliminates the need for additional materials. To insert the refill, just turn the SPC upside down to get the ballpoint pen out of the stylus, unscrew the tip from the pen and pull the pen out. Then push the refill in and screw on the tip. Because the tips can be adjusted, there are 33 different refills that can be used in the SPC ranging from Bic, Papermate, Pentel, Pilot and Uniball, among others.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project SPC stylus pen combo by Jeff and Chris Scheibe

The SPC is available in a brushed finish, stainless steel or in aluminum. The aluminum is available in six colors—black, gray, pink, purple, green and blue. Each SPC comes with a custom made maple case.

For pledging $59, backers receive one SPC, four extra stylus tips, a ballpoint pen refill and a maple case, according to Kickstarter. For a customized maple case, add $5 to any pledge. Once the Kickstarter campaign has ended, the SPC will be available on the product’s website for an estimated $99. Making a pledge on Kickstarter ensures a savings of $40 off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The SPC will begin to ship in November.

Nvate Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project SPC stylus pen combo by Jeff and Chris Scheibe

As of Oct. 1, the campaign has raised $7,360, with a goal of $15,000. The project will be funded in 39 days, on Nov. 10, so long as the goal is reached.

To pledge, visit the project’s Kickstarter page.




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