iPaw Apps: iPads Aren’t Just for People Anymore

By Jen Heller Meservey

Cats have invaded the world of technology since the very first lolcat asked if they “can has cheezburger.” Now your cat can be high tech with their very own iPad apps. While it’s not recommended that you leave your cat alone with your expensive iPad while you go to work, these apps are a fun way to entertain your feline friend under human supervision. For $1.99 or less, your cat can enter a virtual world of hunting, painting, and even playing music with the tap of a paw.

Hunting Games

Nvate iPad Cats apps fame for cats catch the mouse friskies paw painting meow music virtual fish tank

Whether it’s toy mice or their own tails, cats love to hunt. For years, cat lovers have been bringing out their cats’ primal hunting instincts with laser pointers. Game for Cats is a free game in which a laser pointer bounces around the screen for your cat to hunt and capture. For $1.99, you can also unlock two more games which feature a mouse and a butterfly.

Catch the Mouse is a similar hunting game for 99 cents, which claims to feature “real mouse sounds,” and even keeps score of the number of times your cat catches the mouse, so you can test their hunting skills.

Cat Toys is a free game that lets your cat antagonize a mouse trapped in a box, and lets you customize the mouse’s speed and sounds. For 99 cents you can unlock other toys like a frog, spider or pingpong ball.

Free Games from Friskies

Friskies offers a variety of free iPad games made just for cats. In their most popular game, Cat Fishing, fish swim around the screen for your cat to watch or bat away. In Party Mix-Up, crunchy treats spin around on the screen, enticing your cat to catch them.

Virtual Fish Tank

If your cat loves to stare hungrily at your fish tank, TouchPaw Cats, is the perfect free app for them. Your iPad screen becomes a virtual fish tank, in which fish swim around for your cat to startle. Startled fish scatter frantically for a few seconds, but eventually come down so your cat can freak them out again.

For multi-pet households there’s TouchPaw Dogs, which displays a series of “positive” and “negative” images. Your dog earns a point for each positive image he touches with his paw or nose, so he can show up the cat with his own hunting skills.

Paw Painting

Nvate iPad Cats apps fame for cats catch the mouse friskies paw painting meow music virtual fish tank

From the creator of Game for Cats, Paint for Cats lets your cat explore their artistic ability for only $1.99. A mouse moves around the screen for your cat to catch, and with each swipe of his paw, virtual paint is splashed onto a blank canvas. You can save or print your cat’s artwork to proudly share with your friends. Who knows, your cat could be the next great abstract expressionist.

Meow Music

If your cat’s creative interests lean more to the musical side, try Cat Piano Jr., a free app that turns your iPad into a piano keyboard. Instead of musical notes, the keys on Cat Piano Jr. play meow sounds that stimulate your cat’s musical genius. Let them paw their own tunes, or play some yourself to inspire your little Meowzart.

High-Tech Tablet or Cat Toy?

You live for your cat, and now your iPad can too. Download these iPaw apps for cats, and you and your cat can have hours of fur-flying fun.

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