5 Fun USB Gadgets for the Office or School

By Jen Heller Meservey

Whether you’ve got your nose to the grind stone or deep in a pile of textbooks, those long, dreary days at your desk can really drag. Don’t let the doldrums get you down. Try one of these five fun USB gadgets to brighten up your day, and your desk.

Dual-Heated Travel Mug by ThinkGeek

On a cool fall day there’s nothing like a steaming hot cup of coffee, but not if it comes from the office coffee machine—yuck! With ThinkGeek’s USB Dual-Heated Travel Mug, you can bring fresh and delicious coffee, tea, or cocoa from home, and keep it warm right at your desk. It even has a car charger so your hot beverage stays hot on your commute. You may have to rush through your work day, but for $14.99, you can take your time sipping your coffee.

Nvate USB gadgets Dual-Heated Travel Mug by ThinkGeek Mini Fridge by Dream Cheeky Heated Blanket by ThinkGeek Bladeless Fan by USBGeek Fishquarium by ThinkGeek

Mini Fridge by Dream Cheeky

If you’re the type that prefers a nice cool beverage while you’re working hard at the office, or on homework, this USB Mini Fridge from Dream Cheeky will keep your can of soda, juice, or iced tea nice and cold for hours. It fits any regular sized can, and sits comfortably next to your keyboard, so you never have to fish around in the office fridge. For $29.99, you can enjoy a refreshing cold drink anytime, right at your desk.

Heated Blanket by ThinkGeek

We’ve all been stuck in an office or school that seemed to have air conditioning on all year round, even through the cold winter months. Space heaters are usually grounds for dismissal. Instead, try this USB Heated Blanket from ThinkGeek. This cozy plush velour blanket can keep your feet toasty in any temperature. At 31 inches by 17 inches, it’s no Snuggie, but put it in your lap and you’ll be warm all day. The blanket reaches temperatures between 100 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Beat the cold at your desk for $24.99.

Bladeless Fan by USBGeek

If tight deadlines or pop quizzes make you sweat, try this USB Bladeless Fan from USBGeek. It uses a soaked sponge to produce cold air without sharp blades, and keeps you cool at work or school. For $15 it’s a safe way to chill out at your desk.

Fishquarium by ThinkGeek

Things can get crazy at work, or while you’re cramming for midterms. Relax with a calming USB Fishquarium from ThinkGeek. Just add a few fish for a soothing oasis right on your desktop. It also helps keep you organized with a pencil cup, desk lamp, and clock with a built-in calendar and alarm, to wake you up when you nod off at your desk. It includes gravel and a decorative plastic plant for your fishy friends. At $39.99, it makes a great gift for the hard-working student or cube-dweller in your life.

Break up the monotony of work or school with one of these five fun USB gadgets, and make your desk a happy place to be all year long.

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