Try New Beauty Products without the Hassle: Birchbox Delivers Products to Your Door

By Jen Heller Meservey

Trying new products is a gamble, especially when it comes to beauty and grooming products. That new conditioner you saw in all the commercials left your hair frizzy and dry. That new moisturizer your friend raved about made you break out. With each new product you try you might discover a gem or waste your money on a dud.

Nvate Birchbox by Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna

The Birchbox Solution

Birchbox is a new system that takes the gamble out of trying new beauty, grooming and lifestyle products. Sign up for Birchbox for just $10 per month, and each month you’ll receive a new box filled with product samples to try. Your Birchbox could contain anything from hair styling products, makeup and nail polish to even toiletries and snacks. Birchbox products come from brands like Juicy Couture, Elizabeth Arden, Kate Spade and many more, and each product has been tested by the Birchbox team. You can customize your profile to receive samples which are tailored to your needs and personal style.

The Birchbox Store

Review the items in your Birchbox or refer friends to earn points you can use to purchase full-sized versions of your favorite products from the Birchbox store. The more you shop, the more points you earn. The Birchbox website also provides tips, tutorials, interviews, and other videos to help you get the most out of your Birchbox products.

The Birchbox Craze

Birchbox was founded in 2010 by Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, who met at Harvard Business School, and since then it has become so popular that new customers spend an average of four weeks on a waiting list before their memberships begin. College students who are low on cash find that Birchbox helps them keep their beauty routine fresh without breaking the bank. Busy women on the go enjoy the convenience of avoiding a shopping trip by having beauty and grooming products delivered straight to them. Beauty divas love being the first to try new products and bragging to their friends.

Birchbox for Men

Nvate Birchbox by Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna

Don’t feel left out, guys. Birchbox Men began in April and is so far still in beta. For $20 per month it delivers grooming and lifestyle products to men who want to look and feel their best. The “Men” section of the Birchbox website provides tips and instructions for using every product, so don’t worry if you have no idea how to use an astringent or an exfoliating scrub. Men’s products include fragrances, shaving products, hair care, body products and more. Birchbox Men is a great introduction to quality grooming products for guys whose grooming routine consists of nothing but a bar of soap.

Birchbox Gifts

A subscription to Birchbox makes the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. Recipients can customize their profiles and receive the perfect products every month. You can purchase a gift subscription for anywhere from three months to one year, or purchase gift cards for use in the Birchbox store.

If you love trying new products but you don’t love wasting your time and money, or even if you just love getting fun things in the mail, visit today to sign up for your subscription. It’s worth the time spent on the waiting list.

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