Blip Helps Put Your Original Web Series on the Map

By Jen Heller Meservey

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Welcome to the year 2012, when people have thousands of videos at their fingertips on laptops, netbooks, tablets, and even cell phones. Traditional television and DVDs are quickly being replaced by websites like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. These days, all you need is a digital video camera and a YouTube account to create your own original web series and start racking up views. Many web series have exploded in popularity, earning thousands in ad revenue and instant fame for their producers. Who hasn’t heard of Fred, the YouTube sensation who made his way to the big screen? Or Rebecca Black, whose auto-tuned crooning made her an overnight star? Even Justin Bieber was originally discovered on YouTube, and we all know how he turned out.

Meet Blip: The Indy Video Network

Being a YouTube star isn’t easy for everyone. Most users who sign up to become “partners” earn very little money, even with thousands of views on their videos. Many even complain that YouTube removes their videos, or entire accounts, without explanation. Another website——aims to make earning money from a web series much easier, and more profitable. While it’s no YouTube, Blip has racked up over 2,000 users producing over 3,500 original series since its creation in 2005. With over 160 million video views, Blip has become the largest independently-owned video network on the web.

Earning Big Bucks with Blip

Blip is designed specifically for producers of original web series to promote their videos and earn cash. Blip is partnered with fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Best Buy, and Blip splits ad revenue 50-50 with all of its producers. So you get half the ad revenue, not half a cent for every 1,000 views. Videos are distributed on the web—through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and iTunes—and on TV through Roku and Google TV. Easy-to-use analytic tools show you which videos are earning the most views.

Blip’s simple interface is designed for easy video uploads and customization. Uploads are limited to 1.5GB for a free “Basic” account, but an $8 per month “Pro” account allows users to upload high quality HD videos. Web series suggestions are made to each Blip user, making it easy for potential fans to find your videos. Viewers can “Follow” your series, share their favorite videos, and “Like” them on Facebook.

Copyright Restrictions

Like YouTube, Blip is strict about copyrighted material. Video content must be original, or used with permission. Using copyrighted material is a violation of Blip’s terms of use, and users who include any copyrighted material in their videos may have their videos removed, or their accounts disabled. So that video clip you used that got through YouTube’s filters may not fly on Blip. You’ll have to get creative and use all original content to avoid being shut down.

If you produce an original web series with all of your own material, Blip is a great place for you to share your videos and earn some extra money. With 50-50 ad revenue sharing, your Blip series might become your new career. Check out Blip at to see if your series is a good fit.

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