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Apple’s Most Innovative Failures 

   New and innovative ideas often get tremendous pushback. That pushback can come from the market

The Government vs. Your Smartphone: 18th-Century Law Used to Justify Decryptions

  Article by Alison K. Lanier | 746 words Smartphones are notorious goldmines of data on

Jumping the Shark: How the Print Book is clinging to Life in a Digital World

Alison K. Lanier We’ve heard again and again that paper books are on their way out.

Are the New iPhones better than the 5?

Danielle Freeman In the last few months, we’ve all seen the commercials and ads about Apple

Can iTunes Radio Compete with Pandora? The New Internet Radio Service

Joseph Lauda In June, Apple announced its own Internet-streaming radio service to take advantage of the

Apple’s Innovative Wireless-Charging Plan: New Patent May Finally Untether Devices

By Alison K. Lanier Apple recently filed a patent for a new type of wireless-charging technology

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The Price of Nano-Sizing: Companies Put the Brakes on Tiny Technology

By Alison K. Lanier Modern gadgets are marketed as the arrival of the future—sleekly simplified and

Can Smaller Stores and Vending Machines Save Businesses from Over-Saturation?

By Janet Martin In 2009, when I graduated from high school and left to go to

Save Money with Internet TV and Avoid Feeding the Cable Monster

By Jen Heller Meservey Seemingly since the beginning of time, cable has been there, gobbling up