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Fair Trade Gifts for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Our friends over at have done something remarkable. For Spring 2012, they’ve put together a

Anonymous: SOPA, Digilantes and Hacktivism

By Beatty Jamieson In January much of the Internet world rejoiced as congressional proponents of the

The Hot List: 4 gadgets we’re really excited about

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Gear Review: Mophie Juice Pack

By Beatty Jamieson Though being a Mac user all my life, my Apple devotion never extended

Gear Review: The Kindle Touch

By Beatty Jamieson I’ve loved Amazon’s Kindle e-reader since it was first announced in 2007 and

Tech Briefing: 500 km/h Chinese Train, Brain-like Computer Chips, Use Your Hand as a Credit Card

By Corey Conley and Beatty Jamieson Chinese Train Travels Over 500 Km/hour A new passenger train