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Wellness Series: Understanding Your Emotions to Live a Healthy Life

Carolyn Hoy Stress is one of the hottest topics in American culture, one of the most

Saying ‘I Do?’ Ways to Stick to a Budget on Your Wedding Day

Carolyn Hoy He got down on his knee and presented her with a ring that blinds

Wellness Series: Be Aware of your Surroundings and Play Outside

Carolyn Hoy What does the word “environment” bring to mind? For many people, it stirs up

Why is Water Worth it? The Advantages of Drinking Lots of Water

Carolyn Hoy What causes some of the most destructive natural disasters known to man, yet covers

Wellness Series: Live in Harmony, not Conflict

Carolyn Hoy defines wellness as “the awareness of our true potential, reliable information, healthy living,

Listening to One-Sided Conversations: Should Cell Phone use be Allowed on Airplanes?

Carolyn Hoy “We are cleared for takeoff. Please turn off and stow your electronic devices.” The

Want that Summer Tan? Try Tanning Cream instead of Tanning Beds

Carolyn Hoy It’s summer! The sun is golden and the “golden” state is brimming with tourists.

Timeless Themes: Shakespeare’s Relevance in Today’s World

Carolyn Hoy Shakespeare. The man who wrote the “most famous love story of all time,” “Romeo

Nvate Commentary: Has Disney’s Anti-Feminism Finally Thawed with “Frozen”?

Carolyn Hoy “Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door!” The lyrics

Fats or Sugars: Which contributes more to Obesity?

Carolyn Hoy Editor’s note: [The intention of this article is to introduce the reader to the