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Apple’s Most Innovative Failures 

   New and innovative ideas often get tremendous pushback. That pushback can come from the market

Where Does Innovation Come From?

  Article by Bobby Miller | 2,843 words At some point, every parent can count on

Creative Quirkiness: A List of Products from Incredible Things

Joseph Lauda Everyday you come across new and innovative things that make you think about the

“Pure Genius”—Bridging the Gap to Victory: Season Finale

Bobby Miller The final episode of “The Big Brain Theory” brings us to the only two

“Pure Genius”—Hostile Cars Shall Not Pass: Engineering a Roadside Check

Bobby Miller With only four contestants remaining, the competition entered its second-to-last episode. Host Kal Penn

“Pure Genius”—Engineering: Nom, Nom, Nom

Bobby Miller The episode opened at the famous Santa Monica pier in California, adorned with Ferris

“Pure Genius”—I’m Moving on Up: Engineering an Elevator

Bobby Miller To begin the episode, host Kal Penn explained that moving water is one of

“Pure Genius”—The Engineer Olympics

Bobby Miller For this episode, our engineers designed robots that were capable of competing in the

“Pure Genius”—Engineers versus Wind, Fire and Water

Bobby Miller This week the contestants designed a portable, one-person shelter that can protect an individual

“Pure Genius”—Fire at Will, Don’t Miss the Missile

Bobby Miller The second episode, original airdate May 8, opens with a unique twist. Apparently the