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InteraXon and its Muse: Making High-Tech Accessible for Everyone

Janet Martin A device that allows you to control a computer with your brain, at most,

Subgenres in Street Art: Where does Mistakism fit in?

Janet Martin Whether it is in science or art, people like categories. We enjoy putting things

Street Art as Social Media: Engaging People to Take Its Message and Pass it on

By Janet Martin These days, most people are pretty familiar with street art in some sense.

Broadway: A Profitable Realm Exists with Artistic Freedom

By Janet Martin “Each creative team wants a hit, but no one knows how that happens,”

Webcomics vs. Print Comics: More Artistic Freedom and a Different Means of Distribution

By Janet Martin With everything from television to books moving online, the constant and growing presence

Internet Memes: Imitating Behavior to Perpetuate an Ongoing Joke

By Janet Martin Richard Dawkins defines memes as “that which is imitated.” In her book, “The

Is There a Rift in the Dubstep Community? Examining UK and US Dubstep

By Janet Martin “Look out U.K., we’re here to take your only legit music,” is the

Has Hip-Hop Transcended into the Professional Dance World?

By Janet Martin “Many different dance styles emerged from ‘pedestrian’ beginnings and grew into a legitimate

Is this the Next British Invasion? British Television Takes the States

by Janet Martin There seems to be a certain trend in television these days. British-period drama

Indie Musicians: Balancing Mainstream Popularity with an Independent Image

By Janet Martin In his article in the Spring 2009 edition of Cinema Journal, Michael Z.